Fat Loss Outlined - Losing Twenty Pounds

By: Scott Edwards

We all know people who appear to sail through life, happily moving from one success to the next. By contrast, there are others who never quite make it, and always have a reason why life has dealt them a hard blow. Society is made up of victors and victims, and the difference can very often be boiled down to one key factor - attitude.
It's essential when working on a weight loss program to adopt the habits of the victor to accomplish the right outcome. A piece-meal attempt at dieting without the belief is why the 'victim' will never win. The victors mentally commit to a successful outcome, and support their actions with feeling.
Imagine two tennis players who're about to play in the finals. One says "It's my last go - I'll give it my best efforts," but the other one says "Winning is EVERYTHING to me." It's not difficult to predict who'll win the tournament.
The definition of a victor is someone who has taken ownership of their undertaking, and is accountable and responsible for carrying it out - 'O-A-R'. The definition of a victim on the other hand is a person who always blames others, makes excuses and denies any responsibility 'B-E-D'.
The victor doesn't expect someone else to lead the way - and takes ownership of his or her tasks. He takes account of his actions by taking them seriously. He sees things through by tackling problems instead of creating them. Ultimately, he is very responsible.
The victim can always come up with a reason for not accomplishing something, and it's hardly ever to do with him. It's always someone else's fault - he feels out of control so justifies it by blaming someone else. So he can always find an excuse for his lack of accomplishment. With this continual pattern of blame and excuses, the victim lives a life of complete denial, certain that he's completely unable to do anything about where he is in life.
Individuals who are considering starting a new diet regime should first address their attitude. Anybody whose thinking is in line with the attitude of the victim must address their issues before they get going, to fully take hold of their weight loss possibilities.
The two sets of attitudes are both just habitual. With unwavering repetition over time, habits can be changed. Listen to that little voice in your head - if it's obviously a victim, then consciously stop it and state why you can accomplish your goal. Achievers are just like the rest of us - except they've conquered their demons and taken control.
We don't start out as victors, we learn the habits of victors to accomplish our goals. We have to have the mind-set of a winner in order to achieve the weight we want ourselves to be.

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