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By: Scott Edwards

We can easily jump to conclusions about the best way to shed a few pounds when we decide to get serious about weight loss. Take this idea for starters: There's a belief in society that if we succumb to temptation and snack throughout the day, we'll just get heavier and heavier! Is that actually the case?
Traditionalists would have it that breakfast, lunch and dinner are all anyone needs for a healthy diet. Today however we're being told to increase that number if we want long-term weight reduction. Can this be right?
Surely eating more meals will just increase the number of calories we consume, not reduce them? Mentally we associate hunger with weight loss. The truth though is interestingly more complex.
We're likely to feel weak if we leave several hours between meals. Our enthusiasm for food therefore can be excessive when the next meal arrives. And often this leads us to eating larger quantities than we should. This predominantly occurs with our last meal of the day. Then we end up with more food in our stomach at completely the wrong time - shortly before we go to bed!
If instead we altered our day and prepared six small 'meals', that hungry feeling never develops. Our body appreciates the regular food input. This means it knows it can send food efficiently through our system and dispose of waste.
When the body is frequently starved of food, it retains fat for possible future energy reserves. Thus people who go hungry for long stretches of the day find their weight loss starts to slow down.
We can get most of our calories much sooner in the day if we take five or six smaller meals. It's then possible to process that food when we're burning more of it up, which leaves less in our stomach later on. Getting too hungry also makes it tougher to stick to eating good food for weight loss.
When we are ravenous, it's a lot more difficult to resist 'junk food' or less healthy food. We usually go for filling foods that are high in carbohydrates like bread, pasta and rice. These are fine for the quick hit to satisfy, but are not going to help with a weight loss program. So in conclusion, eat small frequent meals throughout the day. This will leave you feeling satiated and help with your weight loss program.

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