Fast Cure For Cold Sores

By: Arthur Glaze

Diseases do not only provide physical troubles. Physical troubles can lead to emotional hassles that prevent the infected person from interacting with other people and cause him to deliberately lock himself in his room. This situation can be the case of someone with unsightly facial blemishes called cold sores . Cold sores are small blisters that wreak havoc at the lips and around the mouth.
This disease is caused by the virus called herpes simplex which stays at the infected area up to two weeks. This period is long enough for every person to stay at home and stay away from people who may see the unsightly blisters popping on the mouth area. Because anyone cannot afford to experience discomfort for a long time, there must be fast solution. The good news is there are quick solutions for cold sore.
There are two general ways on how to get rid of cold sores fast. The first one is a curative and preventive one. It is nothing else but boosting ones immune system. Cold sore may have been caused due to weak immune system. Having a weak immune system will enable the viruses to proliferate inside our body, thereby making cold sores last for many days. To prevent this, the immune system must be boosted. A strong immune system can be achieved through eating a balanced diet, that is, ingesting the foods containing the most vital nutrients our bodies need. Taking exercise can also help since it invigorates the entire body and propelling the body systems to function well. Getting enough sleep and avoiding long periods of stress can also contribute to attaining a strong immune system. Lack of sleep and too much stress leads to poor performance of our body organs by decreasing the amounts of elements that they naturally secretes, hence, the body systems cannot cope with the amount of work they have to perform. A fortified strong system is a good match to the host of cold sore-causing viruses which is ever active in finding its best host.
Taking medication and natural remedies for cold sores is another way of curing cold sores quickly. Taking medication with penciclovir is a good medication because the said substance suppresses effectively the virus that causes cold sores.
Natural remedies for cold sores also abound that some of which have been used already in the ancient times. Taking foods rich in L-Lysine is a good natural remedy since the substance is effective enough to decrease the severity of virus attacks. The application of ice in the infected area when the initial tingling is felt is also a good remedy. Another natural remedy is applying any petroleum product in the infected area to resist the viruses from infecting other parts of the body.
Many people can testify for the effectiveness of the foregoing treatments. However, if the viruses do not yield to any treatment, it is wise to consult a medical doctor as soon as possible.

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