Fashion And Function: Contact Lenses With Attitude

By: Amy Nutt...

For years contact lenses were designed with only function in mind. Anyone with vision problems who didn't want to wear glasses could consult their eye care professional and make the change. Contact lenses were an unnoticeable and convenient way to correct vision.
Now even people with 20/20 vision are lining up for contact lenses. Why?
The latest, greatest fashion trend: colored contact lenses.
What Are Colored Contact Lenses? Colored contact lenses have a tint, color or design embedded right on the contact lens itself. The center portion that fits over your pupil remains clear to allow your vision to be unimpeded. The tints can enhance your natural eye color, completely change your eye color or for a really wild look, imprint crazy designs or logos right on the iris.
For example: you could have blue eyes one day, brown eyes the next and cat eyes on the weekend. They are versatile, flexible and fun!
When buying colored contact lenses there are two main categories of contact lenses to choose from: Enhancer Contact Lenses and Opaque Contact Lenses.
What Is The Difference Between Enhancer and Opaque Colored Contact Lenses? Enhancer colored contact lenses use translucent tints that allow certain wavelengths of light to pass through while absorbing others. This results in a vivid enhancement of your natural eye color. It can also change the way the iris looks underneath making your eyes clearly stand out.
Enhancer colored contact lenses cannot change your eye color; only enhance what you already have. They work particularly well for people with green, blue or light colored eyes, creating dramatic and intense looks.
Opaque colored contact lenses use opaque tints that completely mask your underlying iris. No light can pass through the opaque tint, which means your natural eye color is no longer visible. Regular opaque lenses are carefully designed to mimic the natural look of the eye while completely altering eye color. You can go from brown-eyes to green, blue-eyes to purple, there is no limit to the color changes available.
Natural looking opaque contact lenses are also used for cosmetic purposes to cover up any eye disfigurements a person has that would usually be visible. For a more fun appearance you can use costume or theatrical lenses. These opaque colored contact lenses are used all the time to create special effects in the movies and for Halloween. Special effects lenses can turn you from human to vampire, give you alien eyes, or allow you to have your favorite logo visible in your eye. They can also be ordered with customized iris flecks for a unique appearance.
There is also a new development in colored contact lenses designed especially for the sports enthusiast. They have what are called light-filtering tints. These tints enhance the visibility of certain colors for the wearer and enable them to more easily see objects such as tennis balls. The tints effectively separate the object from the background giving you an advantage during play. There are a number of light-filtering contact lenses being designed for a variety of sports.
Who Can Wear Colored Contact Lenses? Many colored contact lenses can be ordered in 'plano' form for people who do not need vision correction. There are also designs for people who require bifocal correction and for those with astigmatism.
For anyone wishing to use colored contact lenses you do require an appointment with an eye care professional and a prescription, even if you have 20/20 vision. Contact lenses need to be fitted properly to the curvature of your eye for a safe and comfortable fit.

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