Famous Abstract Paintings

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Abstract painting in an ancient form of art or drawing that had its origin since the 20th century. The innovative ideas and intrinsic representation of thoughts combined with technical workmanship have made this art very popular and successful. Cezanne turned out with his creative form of abstract art and his postimpressionists followed his style and form of drawing. Further, Picasso and Georges Braque instantly followed to bring-forth the art with influential qualities called as Cubism. Though plenty of artists tried their hands perfect in abstract drawing, Wassily Kandinsky was the person who won the prime credit as an abstract artist in the year 1911.

Among the many different artworks, one of his paintings stole the attention of the public and it was recognized for its impending vision of the world. Wassily used lines, colors and shapes in his painting and deliberated the world which he desired to see. The end result of the painting was just ultimate and vivacious which gave an exceptional recognition for his hard work. Kasimir Malevich was another artist who strived hard to give a break from the reality constraints and Kandinsky’s presentation called the “Concerning the Spirituality in Art” contemplated the demands and requirements in artists to reveal something unique than reality.

Piet Mondrain is a Dutch artist who completely believed that abstract paintings should not just be a world picture portrayal rather it should represent something beyond. Piet developed his first drawing during 1920s and all his artwork scored an outstanding repute amidst the people. The backdrop, color blends and finely used back lines together made his artwork brilliant. The deep and chore understanding of his thoughts confirmed his success in abstract drawing. The right choice of color and his sense of color usage where significantly noted.

Even a single change of color would have affected the quality and impact of the art. There are plenty of young artists who keep showing their interest in becoming an abstract artist. Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem deKooning and Franz Kline are some of the abstract artists who took complete liberty in depicting an abstract art stating bold and daring statements. All these artists had different thoughts and creativity but they remained united in depicting strong emotions of their chore feeling.

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