Family Dentist: Finding the Roots for your Teeth

By: Guru Nath Reddy

The color of teeth remains white across all races and religions in the world. It is perhaps the greatest testimony to the fact that god created all human beings equal. Oral Hygiene is an important part of maintaining health teeth. However, there are some intricate parts of teeth which can be reached and cleaned only by a family dentist.
A tooth is the first place which encounters the food materials that we eat. Unfortunately, modern lifestyle has forced us to develop unhealthy food habits. Our food content is very rich in sugar, which can be a slow killer for our teeth and gums.
Bacteria are continuously at work, in our teeth. Bacterial formation on the surface of the teeth results in plaque formation. The plaque is activated as soon as we take in a sugary substance. The presence of sugar enables the bacteria’s to produce acids, which start eating into the enamel.
Enamel is the hardest known substance found on earth. However, the acidic reaction can cause the enamel to undergo 'Demineralization'. As the enamel caves in cavities start appearing. This process is known as tooth decay of 'caries'.
Our gums are also very susceptible to plaque formation. Gingivitis is a very painful disease of the gums which results due to accumulation of tartar. It is accompanied by bleeding gums. A family dentist should be consulted in case of Gingivitis.
Dental science has developed many new remedies, to provide complete care for all the oral problems. Dental Science has now been bifurcated into two separate divisions. Traditional Dentistry provides treatment for painful teeth diseases like root canal, and aims at preventing future occurrence through proper oral care. On the other hand Cosmetic Dentistry focuses on improving the overall appearance and texture of the teeth and provides a rejuvenating smile.
The Zoom Whitening treatment is a bleaching process for the teeth carried out by the Family Dentist. It helps in removing all the bacteria from the mouth and providing a natural white glow to the teeth. Moreover, the process is also very enjoyable and the person can read while bleaching goes on! Visit to the family dentist should be an integral part of our schedule. Dentistry has now inculcated technology in its fold and enables you to achieve a complete makeover.

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