Familiarize Yourself With These 6 Types of Anxiety Disorders

By: Ryse Edwards

If stress and irritation are making you sweat and panic along with chest pain, don't brush it off, you might just be having an anxiety attack! However, anxiety disorders come in different shapes and sizes. There are different severity levels as well for each of these anxiety disorders. Following are the six main forms of anxiety disorders which are important to know, understand and recognize.
1. Generalized anxiety disorder
To sum up a generalized anxiety disorder in a single word, this person is a chronic worrywart. You fall under this category if you find yourself constantly worrying and fearing that something bad is going to happen. Your anxiety will get to the point where it is distracting your day-to-day activities. Some of the symptoms to be aware of include upset stomach, restlessness and fatigue.
2. Panic disorder
This type of anxiety disorder is known by unexpected panic attacks that occur repeatedly to the point where you begin to fear when the next attack is going to happen. You may also come to fear that no one will be around to help you when an attack does come on.
3. Phobia
Phobia is a well known term amongst the general public, however only few really know that it's another face of anxiety disorder. Phobias are nothing but fear of any event, situation or even an object for no apparent rhyme or reason. This fear is regardless of the fact that the object can be completely harmless. Common kinds of phobias are fear of heights, flying or even fear of snakes.
4. Social anxiety disorder
If you feel scared and are constantly worried that people may humiliate you or even look down upon you, then chances are that you have a social anxiety disorder. Most people attribute it to intense shyness but the fact of the matter is that it is an anxiety disorder.
5. Obsessive-compulsive disorder
This disorder is popularly known as OCD and can be characterized by uncontrollable or unwanted behaviors which are more subconsciously ingrained. Examples of OCD include being unreasonably finicky about cleanliness or even constantly checking the lock on the front door or other types of such compulsions.
6. Post-traumatic stress disorder
Lastly you have the post-traumatic stress disorder. The onset of this disorder generally follows a life threatening event or a harrowing event. The main or the well known symptoms of this disorder are avoidance of situations which remind you of the tragedy, nightmares and flashbacks.
From the above mentioned disorders, it is quite obvious that there are many forms of anxiety disorders. Amongst these, there are many which are not even considered an anxiety disorder while the others like the OCD and phobia are quite well known. Hence, you can use this information to understand if you are suffering from any kind of anxiety disorder unknowingly.

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