Fake Doctors Note Needed Sometimes to Help a Friend

By: Gen Wright

Sometimes a person gets called upon to help a friend. However, missing work to help the friend causes them to have a problem with their boss. They cannot afford to take a day off without pay, and they cannot afford to try and spend money at the doctor or clinic, trying to convince them that they were sick or had some valid medical excuse for missing work. They will need a doctor’s note when they return to work.

It can be a tough spot for the person who is trying to be a good friend and help. They don’t want to risk their job, but duty calls so to speak. Here is a real example that one person recently reported. A friend called them from the side of the road at around 10:00 pm to say they had just had a car wreck. Their car was totaled, but they were ok. They just needed a ride home. Of course the caller was 65 miles away. The friend feels he must go and get his friend-in-need. After he gets there, it is clear to see that his friend-in-need is actually going to require medical attention. The shock of the wreck has worn off and he is in a lot of pain. They go to the nearest hospital and spend the next several hours getting medical treatment for his sick and injured friend. Now the doctor gives his friend a hospital doctors excuse, because he was the patient, but not the good Samaritan who helped him!

Finally he gets back home. He has had no sleep and worse yet, his company has a policy that any absence from work must be excused by a written doctor’s excuse. The penalty for not bringing the doctors note is termination. The good Samaritan friend has a real problem because he cannot afford to lose his job simply because he helped a friend in need and did not get a slip from the medical center too. He is understandably upset by the situation. Not really is he mad at his friend, he is mad at the people who create policy at his work because a doctors excuse for any absence simply does not always make sense.

So he does the only thing that he thinks he can do. He goes online and he looks for a blank fake doctors sick note template that he can download, print out and use to save his job and his paycheck. He has to look at a number of templates before he finds one that he believes will be authentic enough to actually release him from work. He also has to have the doctor’s excuse with two copies. One for his boss and one for the HR department. This means that whatever form he gets, he has to make sure he can get a copy of it. He is concerned that the form for the doctor’s excuse won’t look like the real thing, so he looks very carefully at any sample the various websites provide. Finally he finds an example that works well and is to his liking. He downloads that doctor excuse template, does what the instructions say, prints it and solves his problem.

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