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By: Casey Doran

There are a number of different religions and faiths that individuals follow and the role of religious symbols and their meaning plays a major role in the lives of many. Whether symbolic of a feeling, a belief or has individual importance, religious figures and signs help guide the day to day paths of many and create the foundation for family values and ethics. Religious symbols have been integrated into retail aspects as well and are used with clothing and jewelry designs to name a few.

Religion defined

Religion is a system of beliefs that provides individuals with a foundation from which to build moral, ethical and spiritual guidelines for their life. The belief system typically has a hierarchy or governing entity, such as a clergy, that is used to guide followers of the religion to a certain type of lifestyle that embodies and embraces the moral and ethical values or belief system of the religion. The adherence to the guidelines can range from a generality to strict observance depending on the particular religion as well as the individual. This public aspect of religion is recognized as an organized behavior and typically has a reserved place for prayer or sermons like a church, synagogue or other place of worship.

Religious symbols and retailers

Religious symbols or religious symbolism are symbols that give followers a sign that embodies the morals and the teachings of the religions itself. These symbols are used in many aspects of society such as in the form of body art and tattooing, t-shirt embellishments and individual variations or adaptations of a particular symbol can be found everywhere. Products such as cremation jewelry take it a step further by having a symbol of faith such as a cross or religious figure as a jewelry pendant. A small portion of the interior has been hollowed out to hold a tribute to the deceased such as cremated ashes or any remembrance of particular meaning, combining the aspect of faith with memorializing. Items such as a marriage ring and calendars date back centuries as religious symbolism yet are not well known or well recognized as religious symbols in society today.

Religious symbols, known and relatively obscure, are used in society today such as:

• Body art and tattooing
• Cremation jewelry that is not only a symbol of faith but also holds a tribute to the deceased
• Marriage rings, calendars and other symbols that are used in daily life

The use of religious symbols is a way for followers of a particular religion to display or connect with their faith. Clothing and even personal body art are some of the more prevalent means of religious symbolism while cremation jewelry creates a resting place for a memorial of a loved one that has passed away and discreetly hides it inside a wearable religious accessory. The symbols of religion date back over past decades and continue to be modernized with an individual adaptation that keeps the symbol recognizable but with perhaps with a more personal perspective.

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