Fair Trade Gift Ideas – What is on Offer Currently?

By: Chriss Tyrrell

The real nice bonus when you give a Fairtrade gift is that not only does the person receive the nice present you bought them, but they also get a reminder to shop ethically by choosing Fairtrade products when ever possible. Also if the person “perhaps and elder relative” has never heard of Fairtrade you get the double bonus of being the person who gets to introduce them to the organization and all that its doing for the planet we all share.

All That Fairtrade Has To Offer Today

One problem you may have is that you may be having trouble comprehending how fast and how large Fairtrade has grown in recent years. What this means is that you aren't at all confined when shopping for Fairtrade gifts. So no matter who it is your shopping for and what you have budgeted yourself to spend, you should have no trouble finding what you need. In fact you may be a little surprised to see all that Fairtrade has to offer now!

Gift Shopping For Stationary With a Clear Conscience

Take stationary for instance. Did you know that there is currently a huge selection of superior grade Fairtrade stationary and it just keeps on growing. Most people don't realize it, but standard stationary is far to often manufactured and printed in third world sweat shops, using forced child labor. When you shop for and buy Fairtrade stationary you and the person who receives it can rest assured that it was ethically created and produced. Also that the methods for obtaining the raw materials that went into it were ecologically sound.

Are Cheap Chinese Toys Really Worth the Risk?

What about Fairtrade toys? It seems that every time one turns around now there is something else in the news regarding cheap toys made in China. Either it was made with forced prison camp labor where political prisoners who's only crime was yearning for democracy and the right to vote were forced to toil in Chinese toy factories. Or the toy was painted with lead based paint that was never meant to be used on children's toys. With Fairtrade toys you can rest assured that with the gift you give, neither of these horrible things were involved in the making of it.
Incredible Hand Crafted Fair trade Jewelry
For untold years absolutely incredible handcrafted jewelry has been coming out of Asia and the price tags on it were always more than affordable. The reason for this was that so much of it was made by the delicate hands of children being forced to work for peanuts. The only thing that has changed with Fair trade jewelry of this type, is that child labor isn't used and the craftspeople are now receiving a fair working wage. Surprisingly these changes, as with so many other Fair trade products have added very little to the price tags.

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Chris Tyrrell writes for Just Trade, who work closely with third world manufacturers in order to achieve fair trade status. View the fair trade gifts.

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