Fade Stretch Marks: Making It Happen

By: Sapphire Rylee

Is there a way to fade stretch marks? Fortunately, yes. Make stretch marks disappear? Unfortunately this is still a no. Despite the many advances in skin care technology, no treatment has yet successfully made these often than not embarrassing stripes totally disappear. However, there are now many available treatments to make stretch marks appear less conspicuous and ease associated signs (such as skin dryness) that may arise with having these marks.
Basic Facts About Your Skin and Stretch Marks
Our skin is generally a very elastic organ able to spring back to its original state. However, there are instances when the skin becomes too overstretched damaging the epidermis. The epidermal layer is responsible for secreting collagen and elastic fibers, two substances that are give skin its elasticity. Below are common causes of stretch marks:
- Drastic Weight Changes - When one rapidly gains weight, the skin is not given adequate time to adjust to the added mass, thus, the skin becomes overstretched. These stretch marks become more evident when one then loses the weight as they now have more texture. - Pregnancy. Common sense tells us that stretch marks occur in the abdominal region as the body accommodates the growing child. - Growth spurts. Puberty may cause certain individuals to experience rapid growth in height and muscles. - Bulking of muscles. Stretch marks associated with athletes in particular bodybuilders.
- Color of the Marks - Initially stretch marks are seen as red to pinkish to purple in color that eventually become a more permanent silvery-white - Shape - crooked bands or lines or stripes that vary in length and width appearing mostly as wavelike streaks - Texture - can be flat, depressed, ridged/bumpy, or glossy
Associated Symptoms
- Dryness - Itchiness - Thickening or raised skin - Pain - Tenderness
Common Location for Stretch Marks
In general, stretch marks are seen in areas of the body where weight gain is most evident namely:
- Abdomen - Thighs - Hips - Breast - Upper arms and axillary area
Stretch Mark Treatment
Intervention of Cosmetics
- Laser therapy and skin peeling - These type of treatment is done by removing the scarred topmost layer of the skin allowing newer and healthier skin to emerge using laser or chemicals that are acidic in nature - Microdermabrasion - exfoliates the topmost layer of the skin using very small crystals - Skin removal - usually done to those people who have loss dramatic weight resulting to excess skin Nonsurgical Intervention - Topical medications - include lotions and creams that are massaged into the skin. Most of these topical creams share similar ingredients such as vitamins A and E. Tretinoin-based cream is said to be effective in fading stretch creams. Keep in mind that since topical medications are not as aggressive as surgical ones more time is required for results to show. An added perk to topical treatments is the alleviation of other symptoms (such as creams give added moisture to dry skin). - Lifestyle Change - healthy and clean living is recommended to keep one's weight stable and in check. A balanced diet will provide one sufficient nutrients essential for healthy skin.

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