Facts Of Life – Food For Healthy Living!

By: Kirthy Shetty

What should your food essentially provide you with?

It should provide your body enough substance to produce heat and convert them into energy in order to keep you energized through out the day.
It should promote growth and repair of damaged cells in your body, maintain the old cells and reproduce new ones.
It should also control the way it grows, reproduces itself and repairs.

Remember one thing, to consume less sugar, that would do less damage to your teeth and adds on bulk to your body, it also saves you a couple of bucks. Replace your chocolates, colas, chips, patties and cutlets with apples, bananas, blueberries, nuts, salads, cashews, almonds, peanuts or have salads with tomatoes, cabbage and green gram soaked in water. Limit your nuts to a handful, not to be consumed in excess. As they add up fat. Think of what you should eat and plan at least a little instead of just gobbling down something unhealthy while thinking about everything else except what you are eating.

Learn to maintain a proper and fixed timings for lunch and dinner
Time difference between each meal should be a minimum of 4 hours.
Have fiber rich vegetables and fruits which make up for a low fat meal.
Cut down on fat quantity, food with excess calories such as chocolates, sweets, milk, butter, cheese in meals.

Avoid canned, processed food, try and consume vegetables and fruits raw. It provides a lot of enzymes that is required by your body for every chemical reaction that takes place. It also helps absorb nutrients from your food products. It boosts digestion and is quite useful in correcting your constipation problems. It is required for body functioning, right from the brain, nerve, muscle, glands to organs need them. Infants also need it and enzyme is found naturally in mother’s breast milk as it is uncooked. It facilitates digestion and needs little digestive effort on the part of the infant. Enzymes are found in uncooked milk and vegetables too. Hence, eating salads with raw vegetables and sprouts are very good for health.

Eat healthy breakfast! It is more likely that you tend to consume more vitamins and minerals and less fat and cholesterol while you have your break fast. Gain better concentration and be more productive during the morning. Control your weight better in order to stay healthy and have lower cholesterol.

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