Factors That Affect the Number of Expats in the Philippines

By: Robert Thomson

Many Filipinos who migrated in other nations decide to spend their retirement years in their homeland, Philippines. In order to have remarkable years in this country, it is important that people consider some factors that have great impacts on the lives of expats in the Philippines. Climate and geography are the two natural factors that affect the population of these people. In addition, government, tax system, and medical care also influence the increase of Philippine expatriates. Aside from these, real estate, shopping, and cost of living attract a great number of expats in this nation every year.

Climate and Geography

Philippines is blessed with numerous natural attractions or sightseeing spots. Many expats in the Philippines stay in the country to explore its beautiful sites like serene beaches, pristine mountains, and appealing caves. Besides these attractions, many expatriates also enjoy seeing and admiring some of the historic places and sites in the Philippines. In addition, this country also has interesting and inviting climate. During summer, people can always spend their vacations in some of the cities and towns in the Cordillera region like Sagada and Baguio City, since these have cold weather.

Government and Tax System

Government and tax system also contribute to the improving population of expats in the Philippines. Many people still prefer to stay in this country to other places in Asia because its government can still control terrorist attacks and protests. When it comes to taxation, it is important that they know that taxes on transactions, incomes, and properties, are included in a single category, which is principal taxes. Meanwhile, the Philippine government gets 20 percent on bank deposits, winnings, and royalties. Finally, foreigners in the country should give 1 to 35 percent of their income, whether their source of income comes from the Philippines or other nations.

Medical Care and Real Estate

Expats in the Philippines have nothing to worry about medical care because there are numerous tertiary and outstanding hospitals in the country such as the Philippine General Hospital and Saint Luke’s Hospital. The cost of medical care in this country is cheaper and the quality of medical care is higher when compared to other Asian countries. Filipino medical professionals value their work ethics a lot so expats should not be bothered about their health when they spend some time in the Philippines. Moreover, for only $150, people can already hire private nurses and caretakers in their homes. In terms of real estate, rents in condominiums and houses have average price of $100 a month, which is more affordable than house rents in other nations.

Shopping and Cost of Living

Shopping is not a problem among expats in the Philippines since the country plays home to inviting and big shopping centers like Robinson’s, SM, and Ayala Center. There are also numerous convenient stores, retail shops, and specialty stores that everyone can visit. Furthermore, there are bazaars that sell cheap items like clothes, accessories, and footwear. When it comes to cost of living, researches prove that many tourists enjoy staying in the Philippines because they can eat three satisfying meals in a day for less than 500 pesos. In this way, expats can save a lot from their retirement money if they stay in the Philippines.

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