Factors Affecting Your Prostate Cancer Life Expectancy

By: Laura Kelsey

It is true that prostate cancer life expectancy is higher than any other type of cancer as the growth rate of this disease is very slow. Moreover, the discovery of modern methods of treatment and prevention has made it easier to restrict the recurrence of the disease. Therefore, if you are suffering from this disease you should not panic and lose hope, but try to get the best treatment.
The discovery of modern medicines and advanced mode of treatment along with preventive measures has also helped in increasing prostate cancer life expectancy. However, the best person who can tell you exactly about your life span after completing your treatment is, your doctor. His calculation is authentic as he takes into consideration practical factors like your health, age, obesity, and stage of the disease.
Besides, these there are some other factors that contribute towards your life span after you complete the course of treatment. However, the control button of these factors lies in your hands. If you take the firm decision of following all the restrictions emphasized by your doctor and accordingly bring a change in your lifestyle you can increase your longevity span.
You should also change your eating habits and develop the habit of regular exercise to increase your longevity. Moreover, you should strictly avoid all kind of food and beverages, which can cause recurrence of the disease. You should eat a balanced diet but avoid high protein diet and follow all the other precautions, which will help in increasing your life span.
Sometimes you may come across people talking about prostate cancer survival rate. Factually speaking, both the terms survival and life expectancy are two sides of one coin. The best person, who can tell you about your longevity for the next five to ten years, is your doctor. Therefore, if your test results are positive you should always ask for prognosis from your doctor.
Your doctor prepares your prognosis based on your age during detection of the disease, health, and stage of the disease. He also considers various other factors to calculate your prostate cancer survival within the next five to ten years. Along with this, the discovery of advanced medicines and preventive measures has contributed towards increasing the life span of a patient.
Moreover, prostate cancer survival rate is higher due to the discovery of effective curative methods and advanced preventive measures. Even the vaccination works as a means of prevention not only as a precautionary measure but also for patients who have suffered from this disease. This is possible because vaccination has substances the obstruct recurrence of the disease.
Therefore, doctors recommend vaccination for all ageing males whether they are suffering from prostate cancer or not. Moreover, the growth rate of cancerous cells when they are within the prostate is very slow. Thus, it is easier to treat a patient suffering from this disease as the doctor gets enough time to take adequate measures to eradicate the disease and increase his patient's prostate cancer life expectancy.

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