Facial Skin Care for Oily Skin using Sebum Control

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Oily skin has a tendency to break out with pimples and blackheads. In this type of skin, the oil producing sebaceous glands are overactive and secrete more oil than is needed. The oil oozes from the gland and gives skin a very greasy shine. There are all sorts of harsh chemical products guaranteed to help your oily skin and prevent acne, and other blemishes on the market. But many find that these products only cause more problems. So, what is the best facial skin care regime for oily skin?

Facial skin care, especially for oily skin types, needs special cleansing routine with plenty of hot water and cleanser to prevent the pores from getting clogged. You should always try to avoid harsh products that strip your skin off oil and encourage flakiness. The harmful chemical products could cause a reaction known as reactive seborrhoea, where the sebaceous oil glands work overtime in order to compensate for the loss of natural oils. Also, try to avoid skincare products that leave your skin dehydrated and feeling taut. These products could cause the upper layers of the skin to shrink. This basically restricts the flow of oil through pores leading to blockages and breakouts.

One of the best ways to avoid problems associated with oily skin is starting a good facial skin care routine and following it religiously. Proper facial skin care for oily skin needs regular cleansing, toning, ex-foliating, and moisturising for the best results. The cleansing of oily skin should be done using oil-based products as they dissolve sebum effectively, thereby providing effective sebum control. It is advisable to opt for oil-free moisturisers or herbal products for maintaining a shine-free complexion. According to beauty specialists, it is absolutely essential to keep your skin very clean; however, try to limit washing your face to two or three times a day because too much washing would stimulate your skin to produce more oil.

The next step of the facial routine for oily skin, is toning. Toners are basically used to make your pores contract. This makes them smaller in size and therefore less likely to produce oil. Ex-foliating should ideally be done only once a week, after cleansing and before toning. The last step in facial skin care is to moisturise; this is important, even for oily skin. Moisturising helps in strengthening the skin and protects it against moisture loss.
In addition to following a proper skin care routine for oily skin, it is also advisable to make use of herbal or 100% natural products for more effective facial skin care. Herbal skin care products will nourish your skin instead of stripping it off its essential oil. Organic or natural skin care products use natural, certified ingredients that work together in synergy for accomplishing the same goals as commercial products, but without any harsh effects. By choosing eco-friendly and natural organic body care products, you would be sure that your skin is absorbing products rooted in nature.
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