Facial Skin Care - What's the Proper Face Care Treatment?

By: Aileen Fitzharris

It can happen to you! With so many different skincare products available, we can easily get caught up in the hype and use the wrong skin care product. The result: damaged, dry, opaque skin that leaves us with nothing more than a dry face and a dry bank account.
Facial skin care should be a very important part of our daily skin care routine. To be completely honest, our skin is always put in second place, having it exposed constantly to harsh elements and then leaving it to fend for itself. Alright, so how about we take some time to see at what we can do to keep our skin from suffering the result of an unending slew of products.
Getting Serious about Facial Skin Care
"Serious facial skin care" is used to refer to the careful analysis of your skin type and the specific techniques and products that will help improve your skin's appearance. This means that the knowledge of your skin, skin care products and techniques is the essential in serious skin care.
This doesn't mean that you shouldn't try a new product that's just come out on the market or that you should shy away from attempting new skincare techniques. Nevertheless, serious skin care requires you try a new product or technique on a patch of skin before adopting it into your skincare routine.
Serious Skin Care and Moisturizing
Dry skin is a skin problem that could greatly benefit from serious skin care. The proper use and application of dry skin moisturizers, is key to their success. Here are some tips on how to apply moisturizer the right way:
*Apply in upward strokes: The dry skin cream that you choose should be applied in upward strokes to make sure that it penetrates the skin.
*Apply on damp skin: Most people will apply moisturizers once their skin has dried, however, by applying moisturizer on damp skin you are helping it lock moisture on the surface of your skin. Also, don't forget to pat your skin dry with a soft towel.
*Apply as often as needed: If you suffer from dry skin and the you should apply skin moisturizer as many times as necessary. This way you can keep your skin moisturized all day long.
Other complications that can easily be avoided by changing harmful habits you have acquired and reading the label of the moisturizer before purchasing it.
*Choose the right product: Steer clear of products that contain alcohol or too many harsh ingredients. This goes for any product that you apply to your skin - cleansers, make-up, etc. Instead, make a safe choice and choose products that contain natural components such as strawberry seed oil, rose hip oil and Helix aspersa muller extract.
*Change those bad habits: Stop smoking! Nicotine has been proven to accelerate the aging process.
Keep your body and skin hydrated by drink plenty of water.
Don't stay up past your bedtime. Getting plenty of rest is essential in maintaining healthy skin.
By incorporating these easy steps into your skin care routine you can keep your facial dry skin under control.

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