Facial Scar Removal - What Alternatives are Available to Get Rid of Face Scars?

By: Catalina Igor

Many people have had bouts of acne at some time in their lives and many still remain with facial acne scarring. There are various treatments, yet, people react differently to each one. Unluckily there is still no cure in facial scar removal, but these various treatments can do an effective job in reducing scar appearance.
Facial Scar Removal
To rid facial acne scars from your complexion, facial scar removal treatments and surgical therapies can diminish scar appearance. Therapies can range from chemical peel to topical lotions to laser face acne scar removal procedures. Some therapies are combinations of procedures and at home topical treatments, while others are only just medical procedures that often require a considerable amount of post surgical healing time.
The appropriate treatment for your condition depends on your scarring and its severity. Scars may be irregular, body acne scars, hypertrophic or raised scars, or atrophic acne scars. Your scar condition and type of scarring will decide what treatment you will need.
The Cause of Acne Scars
Facial scarring begins with facial acne and the damage done to living cells found within sebum canals. Cell injury can be caused by harsh sebum output, the hardening of sebum as well as the combination of oil and dead cells within the follicle. The body reacts with an inflammatory response that results in red, inflamed acne blemishes. Scars are more likely to form when cell damage is done deep within the skin's layers. Facial scar removal can be avoided by the avoidance of scarring to begin with which can be achieved with acne products that address principal factors of acne. Inhibiting sebum output, supporting the innate immune system and repairing and regenerating healthy skin cells can take care of acne, rejuvenate the skin and evade acne scars. However, if you already find yourself with facial scars, there are many facial acne scar treatment removal options available.
Facial Scar Removal Options
Facial surgery acne scars removal treatments come in various forms. Dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser resurfacing are a few of the most popular.
Dermabrasion acne scars removal is a treatment done by a mechanism that strongly exfoliates and strips away the top layers of the skin. Therapies depend on the severity of acne scarring to determine the depth of treatment.
For reduction of facial acne scars, chemical peels are also popular. A chemical bath is created that corresponds with your acne type and condition and will be used in the procedure. Various types of chemicals are known to be used in peels including lactic acid and salicylic acids. These chemicals effectively burn off the top layers of skin so newer, healthier skin cells can generate and create a smoother complexion after recovery.
Facial acne scars laser resurfacing techniques are also very popular as they can improve acne scarring as well as active acne. Laser resurfacing acne scars means that you are literally burning off the top layers of skin using a particular type of laser. The depth of laser procedures depends on scarring and desired results, although in all cases there are after effects of wound oozing and redness and risk of discoloration. Regarding side effects and risks, direct all question and concerns about facial resurfacing for acne scars to your physician.
For an alternative approach you can try natural skin care products that have made incredible advancements in the removal of facial acne scars. The advancement in biological ingredients allows us to treat scars by working with our natural biology in the dissolving of damaged tissue and the regeneration of new skin cells.

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