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Why would she give away a credit repair manual with all the form letters you need to clean up your credit? Her answer was "I believe that everyone should know their rights to protect their personal credit. When credit repair companies charge those outrageous prices for their services, it just makes me so mad. I want to help individuals who don’t have that kind of money to throw away to get something for free.”
Susan also believes that it’s important to prove “value” for your services. She recently wrote an eBook entitled “Basics of Business Credit” on how to get business lines of credit that don't report to your personal credit. In these tough times there are many people who need to be able to get their credit cleaned up so that the process of obtaining a credit profile for their business can be possible.
“Enough is enough. I need to do my part to make a difference, so for the first 1,000 people who need help with their credit repair I will just give them my $39.97 eBook on credit restoration. I know when you “give” it comes back to you.”
Why did Susan Carter take a stand for those with credit problems?
She’s been there. Yes, she had own bankruptcy and came out with not only good credit, but she now has a business credit card that doesn't report to her own personal credit.
The adversity of bad credit taught her the credit game lessons quick. She has learned the laws and the rights that everyone is entitled to for protection against negative credit. With good credit under her belt, she is taking a stand for all those who want the same financial freedom and is offering this help through her new eBooks.
“I had bills beyond my control and I was a single mom with a bankruptcy on my credit reports. I needed to win the credit game in record time. I went to seminars, bought credit repair programs, and read so many books trying to find the secret to removing the negative entries on my credit reports. What I’m giving away is all of this knowledge in a step by step system to assist people in cleaning up there credit.”
“I know pain of not being able to:
- Have a reasonable house payment due to poor credit, while my neighbor down the street pays half what I do because their interest rate is much lower than mine.
- Eat out at a nice restaurant because I can only afford the dollar menu at McDonalds.
- Park in my own driveway because I need to avoid the repo man.
“I know what it means to have the life just sucked out of me when I went to the mail box and found all the overdue bills and collection notices. A knock at the door was not good news. It usually meant that someone new was serving me with a notice of monies due. Even shopping at the Dollar Store was a struggle because I had no cash and my credit cards were maxed out.
“There is only one way to repair credit – by letter writing. These credit repair companies make you think there is a big secret that only they know. The three credit bureaus Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian will not accept any request for credit repair unless it is done in writing. This is something anyone can do.
Take back control of your personal credit. Anyone can write a letter and if you know the laws for protecting your rights, you can win.
ACT NOW. I’m only giving the FREE Credit Repair Guide to the first 1,000 people who take action for their future, and their family’s. To get your Free Guide, go to my website for details.
If you are ready to learn about getting business credit, then visit my website for details on my eBook “Basics of Business Credit”.
To access the website for “Basics of Business Credit” written by Susan Carter, click here. Thank you.

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Susan Carter, author of “Basics of Business Credit,” has created an e-Book that provides instructions on how to set up a business entity correctly from the start. She has the knowledge to help anyone avoid the trap of having to use personal funds and assets to get their business started

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