Eyesight Deterioration? Practical Tips For Better Eyesight

By: Sarah Kitchener

Your eyesight is probably your most important and precious sense. In order to keep and even improve it, you need to take care of and protect your eyes.
Your eyes move around the sockets by means of muscles, so like any other muscle in the body, they need exercise. Exercising your eyes can help maintain and even improve your eyesight and overall health of your eyes. It's quite unhealthy to look at a computer screen all day without giving your eyes a break. At the very least, take short breaks to look away from your screen and focus on something that is far away, then look back at your screen and focus again at something that is a little close but still farther away than your screen.
Your eyes like the rest of your body needs to rest. The demands of modern life and strains on our eyes from pollution/unhealthy diets/computers, mean we need to ensure we get enough sleep so the eyes can recover. Aim to get at least 7 to 8 hours sleep a night.
Get lots of sunlight; people who get sunlight generally have better vision than those who don't. The sun is beneficial in loosening tight eye muscles, and you would also feel less-stressed and more relaxed. This is a great way to get better eyesight without glasses.
An excellent way to improve eyesight naturally is to change your diet. Carrots have an impact on your vision, they really do. Eat them raw or steamed so you're not losing all the valuable nutrients in the cooking liquid. Also using a juicer to make your own homemade carrot juice blends is a great way to incorporate more of these bright orange vegetables into your diet. Orange and yellow vegetables are heavy in Vitamin A (beta carotene), this is great for your eyes.
Try not to strain you eyes. This is one of the most important causes of poor vision. It is essential for your eyes to relax, this is the best way you can see well. Watch out for any bad eye habits like squinting, or getting too close to a computer screen. You should also take care of your reading, don't make the mistake of reading when you are ill or tired , this will just lead to eye strain. Also remember not to read for extended periods in dim light, because puts alot of strain on your eyes.

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