Eyesential 2 : Taking care of your eyes, through food

By: Yusuf Shaikh

Like any other part of the body, eyes too need proper nutrition, good food will enhance not just the visibility, it will also enhance the beauty of your eyes. If you this for good looking eyes, products like the Eyesential are enough, then you are wrong, slow but steady depletion of the capacity of your eyes is bound to happen as you age, but you can gain control over with good diet.
What are eye friendly foods?
There are so many foods you can call “eye friendly’. However, if we were made to drink a glass of milk two times a day when we were young, this has worked to our utmost benefit especially for the eyes and bones and we have our parents to thank for it. Eyes need good source of vitamin A, this is essential for good vision and healthy eyes. other foods you could get this valuable nutrition from are the eggs, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, beet root, in large or small capacities.
Also ensure that you cut down on liquor and tobacco if you want good eyes, both is high in toxins. Smoking generally releases multiple toxins in your system with each puff; tobacco smoke too is known to be harmful to the eyes.
Pollution and constant staring at the computer screen are the two basic causes resulting in eye damage, ensure you are putting on anti glare screens on your computer screen or television to reduce or distort harmful rays coming out of these media components.
If you are a middle aged person, surely you would try to camouflage your eyes by applications like the Eyesential, at the same time you would be worried about age-related macular degeneration or the AMD. However, latest studies have found out that a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables each day will reduce the risk of cataracts and degeneration to quite some extent. However with fruits and vegetables, you need to take at least five servings of each. Both these contain lutein and another chemical called zeaxanthin, which have been found out to be key ingredients that can reduce the risk of eye ailment.
What are other ways to ensure what is good for your eyes?
If you apply products like the Eyesential and make up for your eyes each day, though these products are not harmful, it would be prudent to remove it each day at the time of retiring to bed. This would allow your skin to breath and a good wash for your eyes could do wonders for sleep. Washing eyes with cold water often makes them heavier at bedtime and you could get good sleep. You can also apply a moisturizer or a cold cream around your eyes, and massage it lightly into the skin in soft circular motions.
If puffiness and wrinkles around your eyes is not because of age, you may not really require using artificial face lift products like Eyesential for quite some time, though you can use Eyesential for getting that extra firmness around your eyes.

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