External Hemorrhoids Treatment- Treatments You Need To Follow

By: Ai Qin

External hemorrhoids are not as uncommon as they are thought to be. Most people do not even know what external hemorrhoids actually are so they tend to neglect the symptoms until the last minute. Although external hemorrhoids do not cause death but they can lead to profuse bleeding and pain. It is important to treat them urgently as there are a number of external hemorrhoids treatments available but only your family physician can tell you the best treatment out of all. The causes of external hemorrhoids are many such as strain during bowel movements, cigarette smoking during bowel movements, the pressure exerted on the rectum during pregnancy, even obesity and sitting for long moments.
For treating external hemorrhoids, a while ago surgery was used to remove it but many patients complained the recover process is extremely painful so surgery is usually the last option a doctor will suggest and that too for really severe ones.
Oral treatments and injections treatment called Sclerotherapy is also used as an alternate to surgery but there sometimes the hemorrhoids pop-up again after some time. Gels and creams are also available to be applied to the hemorrhoids to shrivel it up and make it die.
Laser treatment has also become common these days for the treatment of the hemorrhoids which is actually a non-surgical process. However, lasers have always been is doubt for treating external hemorrhoids.
If food with strong fiber is eaten, they ease the passage of stool and can relieve pain from the external hemorrhoids. If these methods are researched on seriously and if they identified to be genuine methods then it can save a lot of pain and side effects to the patient, which other methods cannot do.
Some people claim that external hemorrhoids treatment can be done using natural products such as ginger, Witch hazel (astringent), Cranesbill, Aloe Vera, and honey etc. Also, diet with lots of fiber eases the stool to pass through painlessly by the hemorrhoids. If these claims are true than there is no doubt that is the best method for treatment of hemorrhoids as it will be without side-effects and painless.

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