External Hemorrhoids: Causes and Treatments

By: Heather-Jane Hunter

External hemorrhoids affect many people around the globe on a daily basis. Hemorrhoids are extremely common, yet most people do not realize that they have them until the hemorrhoids become swollen and irritated. External hemorrhoids are caused by pressure around hemorrhoidal veins on the outside of the anal region. This is the reason why hemorrhoids swell and become painfully inflamed.
There are many conditions that will increase the pressure in the veins in which will cause the external hemorrhoids to become inflamed and irritated. Some of these are straining to pass stool, becoming pregnant, becoming older, constant constipation, anal sex, obesity, and having a high fat and low fiber diet. Though some of these are hard to prevent like becoming older or becoming pregnant most can be avoided.
External hemorrhoids may be preventable by having a high-fiber diet. The increase in fiber in your system will reduce the need to strain when passing stools; instead, your stool will become softer. Furthermore, by immediately going to the bathroom when you feel the urge to have a bowel movement you may reduce external hemorrhoids. When you put off going to the bathroom, excess pressure is put on the veins.
There are other ways to modify one's behavior to reduce the impact of external hemorrhoids. Avoiding anal sex is practical, as is daily exercise and consuming fruits and vegetables. This can help with cutting down on constipation. Those who still suffer from constipation shouldn't strain themselves, as this can just make the problem worse.
One word of caution when discussing external hemorrhoids is if at any time blood appears in the stool, then a qualified physician should be seen immediately. While the blood could be from external hemorrhoids (and often is a common symptom of the more advanced forms) it can also be a sign of more serious problems such as rectal cancer and digestive conditions. Therefore, seeing a doctor immediately is the best course of action.
The treatment of external hemorrhoids is relatively simple. Although there are several treatments available, a sitz bath is the most common method practiced. A sitz bath is when you get a bowl that holds warm water and place is right over the toilet. By soaking your anus in the warm water, the hemorrhoids are being soaked in the water as well, possible reducing the swelling and inflammation. Another way to treat an external hemorrhoid is by purchasing an over the counter cream. These creams come in a variety of brands and typically reduce s the swelling, pain, and itching associated with the external hemorrhoid.
Try to avoid ibuprofen. Even though ibuprofen is used for inflammation it can cause constipation. If you need an over the counter pain reliever Tylenol is the best to use. Some of the creams on the market today have anesthetics in them to help with the pain. The main thing to remember when treating external hemorrhoids is to act right away regardless how small the symptoms are.

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Heather-Jane Hunter has learnt from experience that External Hemorrhoids can be extremely painful and irritating. Learn the steps you can take to Cure Hemorrhoids Quickly today.

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