Exploring Latest Series Of Sonic The Hedgehog

By: Gen Wright

For many years, millions of Sonic game fans have cherished the nostalgia of experiencing a speedy blue blur jumping through loops, steering clear of enemies and accumulating rings. However, as the 20th birthday of the Sonic the Hedgehog approaches, Sega Corporation seems to be contemplating the revamping of this legendary gaming character. It is being highly speculated that the developers might bring back the original fast paced Sonic of the 90's.

The signs of revamping are evident in the latest Sonic games series named "Sonic and the Black Knight". In this series, Sonic is seen equipped with a talking sword as he sets out on an adventure that takes him back to the medieval era into the lands of Camelot and the legendary King Arthur. In this series, Sonic the Hedgehog assists a sorceress from those times in preventing King Arthur from falling prey to the possession of some evil force.

This latest Sonic game is full of great visual content, detailed background that is complemented by some pleasing and entertaining views as well as loud special effects to complete the picture of medieval era settings. The first appearance of Sonic on the screen is on a path where he can keep away from the enemies by moving in either the left or the right direction besides steer clear of any obstacles and also come within the reach of treasures. To maintain the speed of Sonic the Hedgehog, players can use the analog nunchuck stick and the Wii remote can be used for activating and using the sword.

Many players feel passionate about the extensive use of the sword in this latest series of Sonic games, besides which the great special effects also contribute towards making the players further nostalgic. This is the first time in the history of the game that Sonic the Hedgehog will be seen waving a sword and exterminating his enemies with its help. The thrill of the game lasts for 11 levels with each level providing opportunities to explore castles and dungeons and forests and caves and defeating a wide variety of bad guys.

Like in the other series, this series also sees Sonic getting support from his friends in overcoming the evil forces. Sonic Games enthusiasts are well acquainted with the Freedom Fighters, name used to described the team of friends that help sonic out in his many adventures. Moreover, for avid gamers this Sonic Game is also available in the four players versus mode. Players are able to engage each other at the same time, a sure way to have some fun together as a group. There surely is a lot of fun and enjoyment for the lovers of Sonic the Hedgehog in this latest series.

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