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By: Scott Edwards

Our friendships can have quite an influence on how we live our lives. There's a tangible link between the way we behave and the men and women we have friendships with. And yet we're likely to have presumed this commonality concerned our likes and dislikes - for example we enjoy the same musical tastes as our friends, or hold similar political views.
Lately though, studies are claiming that we will have more tendency to be overweight if we hang around with others who are overweight. According to a recent news article, we have a tendency to consume more when eating with heavier people who we know well. A US research team looked at kids eating habits. They found that the heavier ones ate more when they were with their heavier pals than when they were with their slimmer friends.
It appeared in fact that everyone in the study got through more food when with friends than with strangers. But it was when the heavier friends teamed up that the most calories were consumed. The research was featured in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It illustrated the part friends play in the actions of each other.
Candidly it's no great revelation that many ate more when in the company of friends. That would doubtless be the same if adults had been surveyed. What's more, as our friends don't usually challenge what we do, we assume that means they condone our behaviour. Subconsciously we're placing the permission ball in someone else's court.
Young people of all sizes were studied for forty five minutes. A number were teamed up with strangers, and a number with friends. Each pair had a mix of healthy and snack-type food, and entertainment.
The familiar couples put away more food than the unfamiliar ones. But overweight friends ate the most of all. Below is an illustration of what was consumed.
The overweight pals who were paired up ate 738 calories each on average. And yet 300 cals less were consumed by the larger guys when they teamed up with a pal of normal weight. Interestingly the normal weight guys stabilized at around 500 cals irrespective of what their pal's weight was. Comparable evidence of strong influence from friends is evident in attitudes to alcohol consumption by teens.
The research team looking at food consumption had to conclude that peers played an influential role in a young person's dietary habits. This sounds very negative, but of course it means that if youngsters were to associate more with friends who eat a balanced diet, then they too are likely to adjust their habits over time. A good argument for teaching sound nutrition!

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