Expats in India: Discovering the Diverse Culture of This Asian Country

By: Robert Thomson

One of the Asian nations that are popular for their diverse geography and culture, India is an attractive and inviting place that many expats like to see. For those who plan to become expats in India, they should consider several factors such as climate, government, and tax system in this place. In addition, it is also necessary that they know the status of real estate, medical care, and shopping. Furthermore, for those who want to settle in the place, they should have long-term plans and they should assess the cost of living in India.

Climate and Government

Since the geography of India is very diverse, people can expect that the same go with the climate in the place. Before permanently living in this area, expats in India should know that it has two seasons. Dry season begins in the month of October and ends in March. The remaining months are considered as dry season and during this season, people should expect some flooding and monsoons. When it comes to government, India is a democratic place. In order to enter the country, foreigners should have passports and visas with them. Otherwise, they will be deported.

Real Estate and Tax System

Prices of real estate vary from one place to another. For instance, houses in cities are more expensive than houses in rural places. However, even if city apartments and houses are expensive, they are still cheaper when compared with the real estate in Western nations. Expats in India should also know that taxation rates in the place are higher than taxation rates in other Asian countries. Taxation rates in this country are divided into several categories, namely income tax, corporate income tax, dividend tax, insurance contract tax, and property tax.

Medical Care and Shopping

Before entering the country, those who will become expats in India are advised to get health insurance since the cost and quality of medical care in this country are diverse. Medical institutions that can be found in cities or urban places mostly have high quality services compared with those in rural areas. Meanwhile, medical care costs in cities are more expensive than in rural areas.

When it comes to shopping, people in the place can easily get all their needs by visiting some shopping centers urban areas or cities. However, to those who stay in rural places, there are numerous public markets that they can see where they can purchase some of their basic needs like food and clothing.

Cost of Living

To have a comfortable stay in this country, expats in India should understand the cost of living in the area. Technically speaking, the cost of living in this place depends on the lifestyles of residents. For those who want to save big money, they can already have a comfortable life in India for less than $600 a month. On the other hand, for people who can spend more than $600 a lot, they can stay in urban places where there are numerous real estate options. In addition, these people can also enjoy their stay in the place since they can have budgets allotted for their leisure.

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