Exercising For a Healthy You

By: Hank Lunton

Most Americans consider exercise to be a dirty word. No wonder, millions of them are obese. Individuals of all ages, genders, races, ethic groups, and backgrounds have their waist lines expanding beyond their control. Obesity leads to various other disorders such as diabetes, heart disease, and liver failure. In such a situation the only hope lies in living a healthy lifestyle, eating a well balanced diet, and exercising regularly.

People generally decide suddenly on an impulse to reduce weight and the next thing you know is they either enroll for the aerobics classes or for heavy workouts. However, once the initial excitement wears off they return to their old lifestyle. The best way to go about exercising is not to do all at one go instead it is beneficial if it's stretched over a period of time. Even fifteen minutes a day is a better than exercising two hours at a go in a week.

In order to keep up the tempo it's best to include a friend or family member. When you work out in numbers you draw strength and motivation from your partner, and even get support that is needed to perform certain tasks that require another individual. However, if there is no one available, you can join an exercise group in a gym or fitness center for a minimal charge. You will get to meet friends and restore your healthy lifestyle.

Always avoid setting very ambitious goals. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Don't set goals that are hard to achieve. You will be frustrated and will lose the motivation to go on. You can gradually increase the difficulty level as you build stamina and begin to see results.

Many individuals choose to set a long term and short term goal. Your long term goal may be to live a healthier life, whereas your short term goal may be to play a game of soccer with your children without becoming winded. As you accomplish your short term goals, make more as you continue your progress towards a healthy, fit lifestyle.

In case finances pose a problem then you can choose to exercise at home . The advantages of exercising at home are many as it saves you the hassle of traveling. All you need to do is put some basic items and equipment such as weights, mats and certain gym equipments. To shed some extra pounds off you, you can also choose to exercise on the stair climber or the treadmill.

When the weather permits, move your exercising outdoors. For beginners, take a stroll around the block. If you are more ambitious, turn that stroll into a quick jog. Use opportunities to play with your children as time for exercise. Play a game of baseball, basketball, football, soccer, or plain old tag with your kids.

Many individuals find joining a gym is an excellent way to ensure they exercise and complete their goals. In addition to the abundance of equipment found in a gym, the financial commitment often provides the much needed encouragement to work out regularly.

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