Exercise Benefits - Maintaining Our Physical Condition

By: Gen Wright

Exercise is highly recommended by health specialists as indispensable element of everyday activities to maintain our physical condition. Exercise combined with taking healthy food and sufficient rest is beneficial to keep our body in the best shape.

When it comes to exercise, many people usually become lazy to do it. Actually, we don’t really have to do heavy activities to be categorized as exercise. We just need to be moderately active. For example, someone who usually sits everyday in front of his computer should take a walk for at least 30 minutes a day. However, of course the more we’re active, the more we get the benefit.

More benefits can be attained by intensifying the physical activities such as increasing the time length or frequency of exercise. There is numerous benefit of exercise. For example, frequent physical exercise enhances our body immune system which will help us to resist diseases from occurring. Exercise can also help us lose our weight effectively. Obese people are advised to do exercise if they want to have an ideal body. Below are some benefits which you can get from healthy exercise:

1. Has a great benefit to help us losing our weight effectively. With regular exercise, we can burn our body fat, reduce cholesterol level and increasing body metabolic rate.

2. Exercise boosts our energy and endurance level which means we will be less fatigue after doing some heavy activities.

3. It helps people to develop concentration and therefore increasing our effectiveness of doing daily job. Other benefits include faster reaction time, sharper sense and greater mental strength.

4. One of the greatest benefits is helping you to decelerate the process of getting old. Exercise does this by enhancing our health.

5. Exercise helps our body to prevent diseases such as heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis, stroke and cancers.

6. Exercise will help maintaining and improving body immune system. High immune system will prevent disease to manifest in our body. In addition, exercise will increase blood and oxygen circulation through our organs.

7. Exercise is a great way to cure depression by enhancing our mental strength. It is notable for increasing confidence and self-esteem.

8. Exercise amplifies insulin sensitivity to build body resistance against type 2 diabetes.

9. It increases the secretion rate of endorphin from our body. Endorphin enhances our mood by providing exhilaration feeling.

10. It gives people more quality sleep. It is also notable for helping people to cure insomnia. Therefore people who have difficulty on falling asleep will be benefited by doing exercise.

To sum up, most of the exercise benefit is long term. It means you need to do exercise regularly if you want to get the maximum benefit. If you just do it as one time event, it is practically just make you tired. So now what to do? Plan what is the best exercise for you. If you never do exercise before, start doing jogging for 30 minutes daily. If you are already experienced, you can increase the amount of exercise. After planning, you need to take action on it. Take our suggestion and you will be on your way to get healthy living.

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