Everything You Needed To Know About Storage Insurance

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Once you choose a self storage company to put all your belongings into the unit you would want to ensure that they remain there safely. And apart from all the research and the background checks you might do on the company, there are still chances that something might go wrong. Natural disasters, theft, fires and explosions are things that most storage facilities try to avoid to the best of their ability. But there are still chances that despite their best efforts, things can go wrong. And this is where your taking out a good insurance plan to safeguard all your priceless possessions comes in handy.

Most storage companies make it mandatory that you take out an insurance policy on all the items you will be storing in the unit. This is required before you sign the lease and before the keys to the unit are handed over to you. While it is a way of safeguarding their own interests and preventing potential lawsuits, this is also a good strategy to make sure that all customers give the idea of insurance serious thought. For some it is considered to be a waste of money and unnecessary paperwork hassle. It is only when disaster strikes that you end up being thankful for the small precaution that you took. And everyone needs to be reminded of this intermittently.

Insurance policies are usually not included in storage costs and therefore have to be budgeted for separately. Most of the storage companies already have tie ups with insurance agents, which should help you narrow down your search. Signing up with this same company might give you some added benefits, so enquire into these with the storage manager. Most plans cover water damage, fire, theft, natural disasters, explosions and building collapses among others. It might also be a good idea to ask whether the policy covers insect and rodent attacks as well. The more time and effort you expend on making sure that your policy covers any potential damage to your property, the better it will be for you, should they occur.

It is also advisable to check with your homeowners’ insurance company to find out whether you have already been covered for storing items outside the home. This will help you avoid unnecessary expenditure and duplication of insurance policies. If the plan that you already have covers the use of second-party storage units then you don’t need to take an additional policy. Also some, if not all items, might be covered. By doing your own research and asking the experts the right questions you will be able to determine what exactly you need to get insurance for.

Another important thing that you should probably check is that the policy covers the entire duration of the time you will be putting your belongings into storage. It won’t help if the policy expires midway and you forget to renew it. To ensure against the possibility of this happening, ask the company to give you the longest plan possible. And if this is not adequate then ask for an automatic reminder when you need to renew your policy. This will ensure that at no point of time will your belongings be without adequate coverage. After all out of sight should in no way be out of mind. It helps to know that every precaution you take towards protecting your possessions whether they are around you or not, will serve you well in future.

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