Everything You Need to Know About Natural Breast Enhancement

By: Swit Milody

With the world turning to nature in order to look for answers today, products that claim to have natural solutions have cut out a niche for themselves in the global market; the latest fad being natural or herbal breast enhancement products. These products claim to have been made from the herbs that are supposed to enhance the size of breast without any side effects and at a much lower cost than the other methods of breast enhancement or surgical procedure.

Studies and analytical surveys have shown that breast is a body part that most women are conscious about and most of them would like to change the physical appearance of their breasts. The earlier answer to the problem was surgical enhancement has three options silicone implant, saline implant and alternative implant. In all three of the available options, the material used in the surgical procedure can be termed as synthetic. The procedure itself is quite costly.

The natural breast enhancement products that are hot in the market right now claim to be made of hundred percent natural products such as:

Blessed Thistle: Blessed Thistle is an herb which has been approved by the Germany's Commission E and is known for the fact that it increases the flow of milk of women who are nursing.

Fennel Seed: Use of fennel seed has known effects on the milk flow, menstrual flow and enhanced libido, however in the nineteen thirties; experiments showed that fennel seed has some compounds that helped in development of synthetic estrogen. If consumed regularly for a period of time it can increase the weight of breast and uterine tissues.

Dong Quai: Is an herb used in the orient to reduce menstrual cramps, hot flashes and irregular menstrual cycles. It is also known for its quality of reducing blood clotting.

Fenugreek: This seed is known to have some positive effects on human body and the compound called diosgenin that is found in fenugreek can be clinically transformed to estrogen.

Kelp: This seaweed is used in many breast enhancement pills and it is claimed that if consumed regularly over a period of time it can enhance the size of the breast.

Turnera Diffusa: Popularly known as Damiana, a shrub used as tea by Native Americans to enhance libido. Incense was created with damiana leafs and burned for relaxing effects.

Hops: This herb is used in the process of brewing beer and is known to contain 8-prenylnaringenin a phytoestrogen which has two to twenty percent efficiency of human estrogen.

Kwao Krua: Kwao Krua or Pueraria Mirifica is an herb found in Southeast Asia and used by natives for two compounds deoxymiroestrol and miroestrol that have estrogen like effect.

Apart from the above mentioned ingredients Wild Yam, Saw Palmetto and Bovine Ovary Extracts are also used to make these pills. It is also essential to know that pregnant women should not consume these products.

Before one decides to use these pills one should know that these products are not clinically proven or in other words they may or may not be effective.

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