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By: Nathan Knightley

When I was a little boy, I was really fascinated by my dad fishing tackle box. It appeared to me that he had the most wonderful and wide-ranging fishing supplies you could imagine. He could trick any fish there was with his fishing tackle, or so I thought. He had a lot of flies and lures, most of them hand-tied and custom created by him. Except for the basics like fishing line, no one bought their own fishing supply equipment in those days. If you were a good fisherman, you made your own. It wasn't just a matter of quality, but of pride.

It looks like, with the rapid advance of fishing equipments, a lot of the sport has been taken out of lately. I went on a fishing trip with a friend, a fairly wealthy individual who possesses his own motor yacht. He actually has a GPS fishfinder, a weather radar gear, and various sort of fancy equipment to find the schools of fish. Finding fish with him isn't an art anymore. It is not due to instincts, of sport or luck. It is simply due to cold hard science - following the instructions and letting the technology do that work. To me, this takes all the fun out of it.

I dicussed this with him, and he told me it was just a matter of him owning more fancy fishing supplies than my father did. He admitted that had they sold GPS fishfinders in fly fishing stores in my father's day, everyone would have bought them. They wouldn't have wasted time with hand tying their own fishing lures if they could at once know where to get the fish. I however, see things in a different way.

The opportunity to commune with nature, in my mind, is what my father loved so much about fishing. Yes he was out there to catch fish, but in the process he had to make out everything about a stretch of river. He had to be familiar with every ripple and what it meant, what time of day the fish came out, how precisely to land the line, and which fishing equipment to use in which part of the year. It was a meditative activity that cought up his whole being. Everything had to be done perfectly in order for him to succeed at it. It wasn't just a matter of watching the radar and dropping a line.

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