Everything One Needs to Know About Deer Damage

By: Johnny Hunter

The deer damage to wildlife's food space, human vegetation, natural trees and eco system is quite eminent but the wildlife value is not easily quantified without them. Even today, most of the tribal and the remote dwellers realize the significance of the Deer. There are numerous breeds and types of the Deer, which have been hunted, photographed or even nurtured by humankind in the zoo or even in the natural forest reserves.
Deer instincts: the high rates of audibility and olfactory senses make the Deer quite sensitive as well as sensible. The Deer has an extremely fast reproduction rate with even one buck able to reproduce a number of doe's. They have the capacity of breeding at a very early stage. They are mostly omnivorous in nature with a variety of different species available and are highly adjustable and adaptable to the surrounding environments. The population outburst of the Deer brings about a contest of survival among various wildlife species owing to the natural resources of food, water, shelter and space. This survival actually leads to a possible Deer Damage in the natural eco cycle. The Deer's survival then becomes a threat to another wildlife species.
Deer Instincts: the animal instincts cover the habits and visualizations of every wildlife species through which these animals can be related to the nature, other living beings and the necessary resources for their living. The Deer's has been known as sound and smell sensitive animals. In the natural eco cycle, the deer has many predators feeding upon them as the general source of foods and these visualizations enable them mostly to counter against these natural threats.
Impacts on Crops: the deer being omnivorous in nature is a ruminant and depends on leaves, foliages and tree barks for their essential nutritious sources of diets. The overpopulation of deer may cause a lot of "deer damage" to the crops and vegetation.
Impacts on Human Life: No other wildlife has had a more pioneer role in the life of humans than the deer. For ages mankind has hunted down deer's as part of their overgrowing population control. The humans have also been the most sufferers of the increased number of "deer damage" owing to their excess population. Actually mankind can sustain deer's up to a certain extent beyond which the deer is a cause of threat to the food sources, destruction of vegetation and even spreading of chronic diseases.
Deer Damage: the high reproduction rates of a deer pose a possible threat to the ecological imbalance through the various forms of deer damage to the natural horizons. The early breeding abilities of a deer might result in their population being double every year without much of the usual predating factors.
Tree tubes: the use of tree tubes is also efficient against preventing Deer Damage and other wildlife species. The tree tubes are cylindrical tube like objects that allow enough light transmission for the vegetation and shrubs. The tubes are needed to be uncovered after a certain period. For proper guarding against wildlife, species the tubes of size of about 6-8 inches must be used which may be quite costly. However the tubes are not much suitable for shrubs or newly planted seedlings as they will die being quite premature.
Caging: the caging, as we all know, is a strong barrier against the Deer Damage or the interference of other animal species but the cages are mostly of iron or steel and would be highly expensive to cover an entire crop field.
Deer Damage Control: the extent of deer damage sometimes cost hugely to the humans in terms of economy and amount of vegetation losses. There are however various methods to control the interference of the deer's. The various methods comprise fencing which may be wooden or iron, using tree tubes, using cages of iron or steel and the artificial repellents like commercial sprayers and soap bars. The use of repellents is the most cost effective process of all but need to be reused repeatedly for best results.

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