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By: Nathan Knightley

If you have a bonsai plant, it's imperative to keep in mind that caring for them is like caring for a infant. Loving and caring is important but it's not enough; you also have to have certain "parenting" skills to make sure that your bonsai plant will enjoy a long and healthy life.

Tip #1 The source of life for all creatures is water but it's especially so for bonsai plants. Although they require to be watered more frequently than other sorts of plants, they also require a precise amount of watering. Anything that's less or beyond the ideal amount of water can lead to your bonsai plant's death so it's important that you ask for expert opinion.

There are many factors that affect the amount of water necessary to a bonsai plant such as the type of tree you're taking care of, which season it is at present, if the tree's grown outdoors or indoors, and so forth.

Tip #2 Light is another source of energy for your bonsai plant. Your bonsai plant will benefit from exposure to sunlight just like any other plant|Just like any other plant, your bonsai plant will benefit from exposure to sunlight}. You'll have to arrange for artificial lighting however, if you're growing it in an indoor garden. In such instances, it's important to use a timer in order to avoid risking overexposure for your plants.

Tip #3 Humidity remains regrettably one of the most important but overlooked factors when taking care of bonsai plants; the best way to make sure that ideal humidity levels remain constant is by utilizing a humidity tray. You may use decorative pebbles to make your bonsai plant appear more beautiful.

Tip #4 If you have decided to keep your bonsai plant indoors, you need to select the pot for your bonsai plant very causiously. To be safe, make sure that you buy pots that are expressly created for bonsai plants. These pots have pre-made holes for drainage and training wires.

Tip #5 A lot of persons are not sure as to precisely what role fertilizer plays in taking care of bonsai plants. To begin with, fertilizer is needed when you are keeping your bonsai plant indoors since this provides the added nutrition that your indoor soil lacks. Secondly, fertilizer isn't medicine so do not use it as treatment for sick or dying trees. Lastly, make certain that you carefully water your bonsai plant before fertilizing.

Lastly, do not risk your bonsai plant's health on the basis of any supposition. If you are not certain, always ask for professional advice!

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