Etiquette of Golf for the Golf Game

By: Jim O Connell

We talk so much on your golf swing and other mechanics, and at times do not give adequate attention to golf etiquette, that are in truth golf basics everyone should be familiar with and respect. The golf game, to be sure, has a lot more than its share of rules and regulations, and so much of the etiquette of golf that participants playing the golf game are expected to recognise are taught only by custom and observing the proper ways to conduct themselves.
So with that at heart, let's proceed through a little checklist on etiquette of golf basics.
1. Before you start, ensure you are knowledgeable about any local rules that specifically pertain to the course you are playing. Then place an identifying mark on the surface of your golf ball and tell the players in your party of the number and make of golf ball you are playing.
2. Avoid slow play. Golf etiquette requires for you to strike your shot a maximum of 30 to 45 seconds from the point in time you choose your club, and if you aren't prepared to hit when it is your shot, ask a different golfer within your party to play. If you hit a golf ball and it becomes lost, you've five minutes to locate it over the time you get to where you suspect the golf ball landed. As a player, it is your responsibility to learn the rules for the golf game.
3. Keep the golf course maintained so everybody else can enjoy their golf game. Etiquette of golf basics oblige you to replace or patch up all divots, come into a bunker on the low side nearest the ball and rake the area hit from and all of your footprints, and fix any pitch marks created when the ball hits the green. Attempt to get your hitting area smooth enough so it may be putt over.
4. Relating to the green. Know where everyone's golf ball is, and in no way walk on anyone's putting line. In case your ball rests anyplace in the vicinity of the putting line of a different player, mark your golf ball with a small, thin coin. You should not stand anywhere you might be a distraction to a different player while putting, don't move or make any noise. Generally, the participant whose golf ball is closest to the hole ought to automatically take care of the flagstick, and will achieve this by holding the flag down and tend the flag stick at arm's length. After you remove the pin, place it on the side of green.
5. As part of the etiquette of golf basics, by no means hit a ball when you may possibly hit the party before you, and yell "fore" if your ball by chance comes near, after which you can say sorry for your mistake.
6. Almost everyone will get annoyed during a golf game, however burst of temper is improper. Throwing golf equipment, yelling, or in general making a fool of yourself is in contradiction of all golf etiquette.
There is one area which could get somewhat dicey, because the utilization of caddies is becoming rarer. But when you have the opportunity to use a caddie, and speaking for myself it is really the best way to for enjoying golf game, we sometimes are for a loss to know what to tip them. Golf etiquette says that if the caddy did a satisfactory job, 50% of the caddy fee will be proper, and a little more if he was exceptional.

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If you thought this article was helpful, please check out golf Chipping Tips, as well our page on Golf Short Game for additional conversation on the great game of golf. Jim O'Connell is an author and avid golfer living in London.

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