Essential minerals for hormone balance in women

By: Dr Scott Pendergraft

In order to enjoy an optimal health, minerals are required by women as well as men. These are the vital nutrients that need to be included in your diet. Imbalance of minerals in the womenís body can lead to PMS, anaemia, hot flashes, infertility and hormonal imbalance. In different stages of her life, womenís requirements for these minerals changes. For example, one may see that during the reproductive years of her life, a woman is most likely to have iron imbalance and this is because of her menstrual cycle. Contrarily, a woman undergoing menopause will usually be given iron supplements because of oxidation that affects her health. Here are some of the most important minerals that every woman should incorporate in her diet so as to maintain her hormonal balance.
This mineral is very important for cellular health, immune health, muscle activation as well as nerve signalling. One has often heard about this mineral and the moment we hear this word, we relate it to bones. One must note that osteoporosis is a severe bone condition and improper calcium consumption can lead to this condition among women. Bone fractures become quite common because of lack of calcium in the body.
It is this mineral that helps a womanís body in hormonal development, nerve communication, muscle activation, creation of new proteins as well as energy production. This mineral is very important for the expecting mothers because it helps in avoiding premature birth or seizures. This mineral helps in creating a right hormonal balance, while also helping you deal with the muscle cramping, spasms, PMS as well as migraines.
Most of the women during their reproductive times tend to be iron deficient. This is the reason anaemia becomes a common problem in this age. This condition happens when RBCs (Red Blood Cells) are devoid of haemoglobin. Therefore, the blood is unable to circulate proper oxygen. Deficiency of iron is the most common causes of anaemia. Women may often complain of headaches, irregular heartbeats, fatigue, cold feet and hands as well as weakness. Including this mineral in the diet can create right hormonal balance within the body.
Poor diet, birth control, excessive consumption of alcohol and hormone replacement procedures can lead to zinc deficiency within a womanís body. People having digestive imbalances and the vegetarians are most likely to have zinc imbalance too. Brain fogging, PMS, infertility, improper bowel functioning, craving for salty or sweet foods are some of the conditions related to this mineralís deficiency.
Women who often complain of decrease in sex drive, hot flashes, thyroid imbalance, PMS, menopause, fatigue and poor nail quality are having hormonal imbalance and the reason can be mineral deficiencies. A few lab tests and changes in the diet and lifestyle can help one recover from many of these conditions, until and unless they are of permanent nature. Diet plays a vital role in womanís health and so, she should include almost all the minerals with the right balance in her food.

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Dr. James S. Pendergraft opened the Orlando Women's Center in March 1996 to provide a full range of health care for women.

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