Essential Info about Cancer

By: Mandy Gardner

Research shows that cancer may have two causes, one, it can be inherited; two, it might be the environment that we are in right now - the activities and other habits. Most cases of cancer is said to be environmental, it may be the excessive use of cigarettes, which results in lung cancer, poor diet and obesity, lack of physical activities. These environmental factors increase the irregularities in our cells.


The majority of cancer risk factors are due to your everyday environmental factors. This includes our lifestyle and plenty of of these are uncontrollable. Research indicates that more than 30% of cancer cases were considered preventable by avoiding the factors that triggers it. Here are the following:

Overweight or obesity
Insufficient diet
Sexual transmitted infections
Air pollution

Cases caused by radiation are said to be unpreventable.


Having the right diet can be quite helpful not only for those individuals who have cancer but for people who donít have cancer but continue to abuse themselves. Our health is essential to our daily lifestyle. Reducing your intake of meat and avoiding processed meats is advised. Limiting alcoholic beverage consumption and minimizing salt intake is also advised.

For your information: Studies show that the more you consume meat or processed meat, the higher the chances of you to develop colon cancer. An excessive amount of coffee can result in a bigger likelihood of liver cancer. Grilled meat may cause stomach cancer, colon cancer breast and pancreatic cancers.We must be more cautious of the food we eat as well as the activities we do as this may lead to serious debilitating diseases like cancer.


Upon diagnosis of the disease, the first thing we can do is seek medical assistance and medication. Vitamins have been found to be useful when you are preventing the risk of having cancer. The current technological and medical developments these days have permitted cancer sufferers to live beyond the advised life expectancy. There had been cases of people given only 6 months to live, however with the cancer treatments provided to them, have been able to live more than that.

Cancer patients have been on the lookout for alternative cancer treatments or cancer treatments centers to provide them with an alternative to the usual treatment. Different methods to curing cancer have been tried - from traditional, to holistic cancer therapies. The aim of these alternative treatments is to cure cancer patients with less negative side effects normally expected from traditional treatment options. Fear not for these alternative cancer treatments are based on years of medical and scientific research carried out by leading pioneers from around the globe.

Our body is our capital into putting up a successful us, and living a cleaner much healthier life will benefit us in the long run. Act fast, because the moment you decide to take good care of it, may be too late.

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