Erectile Dysfunction – Options Available To Help Maintain an Erection.

By: Scott James

Erectile Dysfunction as has been mentioned countless times in articles before is a condition that seems to be getting worse if not better. One off the reasons that this may be the case is the simple fact that we are getting better at diagnosing the condition.

Also, another key fact here is that more and more people are prepared to admit that they have a problem. Notice the key word in the last sentence is “people” as erectile dysfunction is very much a condition that can affect both partners in a relationship. Gone on the days when erectile dysfunction was purely just a problem that was “male only”.

More and more talk to us a coming minimum to the approach that as well as the physical symptoms there are psychological ones too and fees can affect partners as well. A sudden loss of libido or desire can leave women feeling there is more of a problem with their partner than there actually is and it is a tragedy if these types of situations are allowed to develop and spiral out of control when treatment can be very easily dispensed.

Wherever possible doctors will try and treat erectile dysfunction with a number will rapidly increasing medications. However there are occasions whatever medication are neither helpful nor appropriate. In these situations ET is possible to turn to a number of different devices to help produce or maintain an erection.

One of these is a penile band. Penile bands may help men who can get their action but cannot sustain an erection because of what is called venous leakage. These ring like devices fasten around the base of the penis and do not require any prescription. Through the act of constriction, they help keep the penis erect by preventing blood from escaping. Used properly, penile bands are completely effective.

As well as penile bands there are also a variety of vacuum erection devices available for use. Indeed prior to prescription medications arriving the only proven at-home therapy for erectile dysfunction was in fact the use of a vacuum pump. As the description says with this type of therapy a man lubricates his penis and inserts it into an air tight plastic cylinder that is attached at the other end to a hand held pump. Some of these pumps are manual whilst others are battery operated. Either way the end result is the same with air being pumped out of the cylinder or a vacuum created. This vacuum then increases the flow of blood to the penis. The increased flow of blood helps create an erection and once this erection is created the man then uses his penile band to prevent the blood from training away. The erection would then last until the ring or band is removed.

Erectile Dysfunction is a problem, as has been said, for more people than is commonly perceived and a serious problem at that.

It is a positive sign that it can be treated and that no longer are sufferers or their partners expected to suffer in silence.

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