Entrepreneurs - The Modern Day Business Visionaries

By: Pablo Guessi

If we take the time to carefully look at businesses nowadays, we will inevitably realize a clear global tendency: entrepreneurs are taking over the industry. And they are doing it fast!

And there is a perfectly good reason for that, which is easily explained by the revolutionary characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

They are what I like to call business visionaries instead of the common and partly misleading tag of business owners associated with them.

Industry visionaries, as their name implies, differ from the broad conception of business owners in that they have a clear vision, an exact picture of how a business or online opportunity is going to behave at any given time and under most circumstances. And that is due to the fact that they are willing to learn and take action as they go and also, because most of them choose to work on a business that is not in their field of knowledge or expertise. As a result, entrepreneurs are constantly stepping out of their comfort zone and innovating different business models every day.

In the current modern day commercial industry, visionaries excel in taking an ordinary business and making it perform in an extraordinary way. How? Well, take a look at the following points:

1. Entrepreneurs do more with less. They use leverage to achieve success.

2. They have long and short term goals. They live by those objectives and finally create a genuine mission statement.

3. Visionaries aim at developing systems that will work on autopilot. Automation is vital to any modern day business.

4. They are not afraid of looking beyond risks and seeing the big picture. They will compensate for lack of experience on certain fields with innovation and creativity, leveraging existing business opportunities or programs.

Even though most Internet marketers will consider themselves entrepreneurs, in essence, many work against the very same principles that define visionaries. Just like with everything else in life, there are things that will get people closer to becoming real entrepreneurs and things that will not.

- You should always work towards doubt avoidance.

Take action and make decisions. Be a leader! What worked for somebody might not work for you, but you will never know until you try it.

-Entice curiosity and learn as you go.

If you are in affiliate marketing, then innovate! You are part of an existing system with hundreds of people in it. Make unique videos with interesting animations, offer free gifts of real value and finally make your offers more attractive than what your clients or prospects expect.

- Work positively for a bigger and better industry instead of fighting over a small market.

We finally want to become business visionaries and not only self proclaimed business gurus. Share knowledge and show the advantages of your business instead of pointing out bad things regarding other programs. Help your colleagues without hesitation and you will quickly achieve success online.

Even after stating all of the above, modern day Internet marketers will still embrace misleading concepts regarding their own business, mainly because of fear of taking intelligent risks and standing out from the rest. That is very unfortunate since true entrepreneurs are unique in their niche and should ultimately possess an educated global judgment.

Visionaries can tell the difference between improving a not so effective marketing method, from pointless persistence. As you have probably noticed, in modern day businesses, we should avoid destructive waste of time and effort, and focus entirely on succeeding with techniques that are of second nature to us to finally generate and, most importantly, KEEP as much profit as possible.

These are some examples of steps that entrepreneurs should take as soon as they get their business going:

1. Billionaire bloggers - visit these blogs to get a glimpse of their mindset, and get inspired.

2. Selected Twitter streams - follow a few, high standard and knowledgeable visionaries on Twitter and use business blueprints created by them.

3. Read, write and make videos - doing this correctly, will never compromise the quality of your service or deteriorate your business image in any way.

4. Ask questions and get mentoring - ask your mentor or business tutor as many questions as you want and do not be afraid of doing so! Get everything off your chest and start without doubt; otherwise you will literally choke later on.

These are a few steps that will provide a correct learning curve to becoming real business visionaries. There are many more, but these will definitely start you off in the right direction.

Entrepreneurs should know that wanting something to happen is not enough, it will not magically come to life without the proper hard work and dedication. To become part of the exclusive visionaries group, marketers have to develop their skills consistently every day. Statistics say that people who do this show a much higher rate of success (80-90%) than the average business owners we see or hear about every day.

So, real entrepreneurs and visionaries truly aspire to great things. They transform themselves and are always willing to learn and most importantly, they are never, ever afraid of taking the necessary steps towards innovation.
Again… read, get informed, make videos, use the amazing power offered by web 2.0 and only then take real action. But do it today!

The world is in need of more and more visionaries every single day and it is entirely up to us to either embrace the idea or simply look the other way.

If I can do it, so can you.

To your success.

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Pablo Guessi is an Internet Marketer who specializes in Online Marketing through lead generation and organic traffic techniques. For more information on entrepreneurial mindset and free valuable gifts marketing a unique business opportunity, please visit: www.prmarketingteam.com

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