Ensure the Safety of Your Children with the Right Commercial Playground

By: David T.

It is a universally known fact that children enjoy community playgrounds. We can hear the waves of laughter and squeals of delight that echo from any play system in use as little players run through the area, swing across monkey bars, and zip down slides! If you are close to the system, you can even see their faces light up with glee as they swing, jump, and play. Of course, while children are only concerned with having fun on these play systems, parents and caregivers are thinking about more than fun and games. They are thinking about safety, wondering if that handle on the monkey bar is going to give way at any moment, or if a fall from that ladder could end in more than a scrape and a bruise. All of these fears for safety can be alleviated if a community site is built with a commercial playground that is designed with safety in mind.

A commercial playground that is designed to address fun and safety will feature these options:
Safety Surface: Though many of our children may not remember playing on concrete and the blacktop at school, the older generations sure do! We also remember the scrapes and bruises that accompanied even the smallest tumble. Play surfaces have made some incredible advances recently, and now quality play systems often include surfaces that aim to prevent or less the worst of the bumps and scrapes that children acquire during play time. These surfaces are often made of engineered wood fiber, unitary bonded rubber, or other durable surfaces that require little maintenance.

Age Appropriate Signs: We know from experience that children do not always think their actions through completely. Often their creativity and need for adventure will inspire them to use even the safest equipment in innovative, but possibly dangerous ways. A child may leap from the monkey bars without giving a second thought to their landing, and that they could possibly harm themselves! Makers of quality commercial playgrounds recognize that their equipment may be used in ways that they never intended, and a safe play set will include signs that will note possible dangers. These signs should be clear to any child that is looking at them, and should communicate using short words and images. These signs should also be large enough to alert parents and caregivers that certain equipment may need extra attention when it is in use.

Age Compatibility: The most important feature of any commercial play set should be play equipment that is designed to meet the physical needs and abilities of the children that will be using it. Often, children will employ the play equipment as it is intended so long as it is fun and provides the appropriate level of challenge. Children are encouraged to take creative measures during playtime if their equipment is meant for children that are younger and smaller, or they themselves are not large enough to properly use the play features. To prevent children from taking these potentially dangerous actions, keep their age and unique needs in mind as you select play equipment.

Just about any play system will keep the majority of children entertained and active, but these are not the only factors to consider when looking at commercial play systems for your community playground. While you will want to select equipment that children will enjoy and use, you want to ensure that children are safe. By ensuring that the systems include these features, you ensuring that the children will be as secure as possible during their playtime.

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At Playgrounds of the Carolinas, we aim to make community sites more accessible, safe, and fun for children of all ages. We provide commercial playground equipment that can be customized to fit your community's needs and desires.

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