Enrolling in Golf Schools the Best Way to Learn Golf

By: Rokai Kolam

Have you ever wondered why golf, despite its not being an action-packed sport, continues to draw a lot of followers worldwide? For some reasons, golf has its own magic that only golfers can truly appreciate. If you’re one of those attracted to this sport and wants to get into it, the best way to learn the tricks is by enrolling in private golf schools.

It may appear as a relaxed game to anybody but golf is actually a sport that requires not only your physical skills but your mental ability as well. A combination of the two is important and constant practice will surely keep them sharp. It is because golf courses and shots are different.
Golf entails various techniques from the swing to putting to making your shot. For this reason, it is recommended that you take some golf lessons from a professional golfer. Individual private golf instruction in golf schools may cost you much but another option is to enroll in group lessons to reduce the cost.

Personalized golf instruction in luxury golf schools is highly recommended for serious golf enthusiasts. With full individual attention and a customized program provided, a golfer learns faster and retains his lessons better. A personalized program in a real golf course setting also helps the aspiring golfer adjust in each skill level and enables him to learn at his own pace without much pressure.

Anybody who likes to try golf can play the sport but first, you have to get your own clubs and other equipment. They need not be brand new, though, because the old and used ones can still serve you well. In these uncertain times, it’s advisable to consider the second hand stuff over the brand new ones especially if it’s not certain that you’re going to play the sport until you retire.

Executive Golf School is one of the world’s private golf schools that offer on-course quality instructions from PGA professionals backed by 15 years of experience in the sport. This luxury golf school’s staff is composed of certified instructors, tour players and Top 100 instructors whose goal is focused on helping people improve in their game and have fun while doing it. A follow up program is also available upon request. Executive Golf School has many locations and luxury resorts where guests can stay while learning the sport.

Golf is believed to have originated in Scotland about 500 years ago but the real person behind it remains hotly debated. Scottish legend has it that shepherds who were looking after flocks of sheep near the area of St. Andrews learned to hit rounded stones into rabbit holes using their wooden crooks. In 1457, though, James II of Scotland banned golf and football as they were meddling with the archery practice of the Scots tasked to secure the royalty. Scottish Baron James VI eventually brought the sport to England in 1603 when he took the English throne.

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Did you know that the earliest clubs were made of wood such as those from the beech, holly, dogwood, pear or apple? Did you know, too, that the first golf balls were actually feathery balls which flew to great distances?

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