Enjoy a Happy Retired Life with Social Security Retirement Benefits

By: Joe Mathews

The federal government in US provides various types programs which benefit the baby boomers. One such program is Social Security. There is a wide range of social security retirement benefits which are mainly offered through this program.

A recent survey has revealed that more and more baby boomers are opting for these types of Social Security benefits. One major plus point about this security plan is that other plans like annuities, real estate investments, and direct stock purchase plans can be supplemented with these benefits. Social Security retirement benefits will help you to become more financially stable. It has been seen that the benefits contain retirement incomes, pensions and advantages for disabled persons.

Social Security retirement benefits also cover benefits associated with health care. Aged persons can enjoy numerous benefits such as expenses associated with hospitalization, expenses related to post hospitalization and medication costs. The cost rehabilitation packages also come under the benefits of this Social Security. Partially disabled persons can also enjoy the benefits of this government sponsored program. Another important feature of this retirement plan is Survivor benefit. The nominees and the survivors of the principal applicant get financial assistance. The nominee or the family member of the main applicant is entitled to such benefits after the death of the chief applicant.

To qualify for Social Security retirement benefits, you have to work at least for 10 years. Pension benefits are also covered under the package of Social Security. In order to get pension benefits you have to be at least 62 years and you should be covered fully under the package of Social Security. You can even avail loans from such benefits. After your retirement age you can apply for free loan.

The calculation of Social Security retirement benefits is not so complex; it is generally based on what you have earned for forty long years. The lowest earning for any five years is dropped and the remaining salary is averaged for the period of thirty-five years. It has been also seen that a non-working spouse is eligible for benefits of Social Security. But he or she will only get 50% of the full retirement amount of their working spouse. If the working spouse passes away, then the non-working spouse is eligible to get 100% of the retirement benefits.

You should always remember that Social Security retirement benefits are usually established upon three vital features. These are the current age of the member, the age at which the member will receive the reimbursements and the income which the member used to receive in the past. At the age of 62 you can decide whether you want to discontinue working or start getting the benefits of Social security. The amount that you will receive depends solely upon the age factor.

Direct stock purchase plans can boost your financial condition during retirement. These plans will reap you healthy returns which you can easily couple with the Social Security retirement benefits and enjoy a healthy retirement life. It is advisable that before investing in any direct stock purchase plans you should always check the benefits and perform a proper market survey. This will help you choose the best type of plan.

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