Enhance your Curves by wearing Overbust Corsets

By: Vikram Kuamr

Corsets have been worn by women and men as early as 2000 BC and began gaining popularity in the 18th century. It was originally worn as an outer garment, but soon women started wearing underbust and overbust corsets to enhance their curves. Corsets serve two purposes. One is to support the breasts and other is to narrow the waist. Whalebones were introduced in the corset during Elizabethan times to ensure that the body line was kept geometrically straight.

Fashion designers worked on the corset and developed various styles and uses for them through the Victorian and Edwardian eras. In the recent past, the “corset” also refers to tops, which resemble the traditional corsets and do not have much effect on the shape of the wearer’s body.

Women draw attention to themselves when they dress up fashionably. A woman, who is blessed with an hour glass figure, can carry off any outfit to look smart, sexy and chic. Unfortunately, not all of us can boast of owning such figures, though many of us try hard to work out and maintain a good shape. Corsets are worn today to encourage women to carry off a sexy silhouette. When the waist is reduced the bust and hips and naturally exaggerated.

The torso is enclosed with the overbust corset, which extends from just below the breasts right down to the hips. This is worn to create an illusion of ample cleavage for women with small breasts. If you are tall, you will need to purchase a “long” corset which is suitable for over-bust. The ideal way to select your corset size is to get a corset that is four inches smaller than the actual size of your waist. Check the size you need to buy, by referring to the sizes mentioned online, at any of the lingerie places that sell corsets.

Steel is popularly used for manufacturing high-quality corsets. Two types of steel bones are available and these are flat steel, or rigid boning and spiral, which are flat but thicker than flat boning. The other types of steel boned corsets are the “couture” or “wedding” corsets. The end result, when wearing these corsets, is to ensure that the ribcage tapers sharply to the waist, making the hips flares outwards. Nowadays women do not make the corsets too uncomfortable or lace them too tightly. They wear them to look fashionably slim and to carry off the dress that they are wearing with elegance and sophistication.

Fashion designers and manufacturers therefore work at tandem, to ensure that women can look smart and glamorous, even if they do not have a 36-24-36 figure. Lingerie shops are now coming out with newer variations on the steel boned corsets and overbust corsets that were once compulsorily worn by women as well as men in the Victorian era. They come in sizes small enough to fit slim women as well as plus sizes for the over-sized. Women can therefore wear glamorous clothes to feel and look good by selecting the right type of corset to enhance their figures.

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