Enhance Your Garden With Teak Outdoor Furniture

By: Michelle Reynolds

If you are considering purchasing teak garden furniture, you should know that you are buying beautiful and durable furniture that can last for a century or more. Furniture has been made from teak for hundreds of years and it is also used quite frequently in ships and other nautical applications because it is so water resistant. This makes it much less likely to rot when exposed to the environment.
What makes teak different? It is a hardwood with a very dense grain. This density alone sets it apart from other wood. The harder it is for water to penetrate the wood, the more durable it is when used outdoors. It also contains resin which increases the waterproof nature of the wood. Unlike most other wood, teak naturally contains silica. This is what makes teak furniture so superior when it comes to resisting mold, fungus and rot.
Most teak is grown in areas such as Burma, Indonesia, Thailand and Laos. Originally, all teak furniture was made from wild trees and this caused problems with deforestation. Now, however, teak plantations have been regulated by government agencies and much of the teak used in furniture comes from these plantations. The one main problem with teak is that it takes in the neighborhood of fifty years to grow and this is part of what makes it so expensive to purchase.
You want to make sure that the teak furniture you are purchasing is made from wood that is at least fifty years of age. This is because wood which is younger is not as durable as older wood. You want to make sure that the furniture you are purchasing is made from teak and not other woods which are marketed as "teak-like". If you do purchase furniture made from teak, you will find that unlike other furniture you do not need to cover it or put it under shelter if bad weather is occurring.
Teak furniture will not rot easily but it will weather. This is the natural process which causes the wood to go from a glossy golden color to a light silver gray. Many people love this natural color change but there are ways to return it to a golden color. However, you should know that if you begin to oil your furniture you will need to repeat the process every so often. Other maintenance that you may need to do includes brushing off any dirt that has built up on the wood. You can also clean the furniture with a very mild soap and water mixture if there is dirt which is more deeply embedded. Staining is not a problem with this wood since any visible stains will fade away over time and become less noticeable.
You may see furniture on the market which claims to have been treated with teak oil. Keep in mind that while this can help to make the furniture more durable it is still nowhere near as durable as furniture that is made from real teak. You should know that if you are buying furniture that has been treated with teak oil, it will need to be reapplied on a regular basis in order to keep up the resilience.
When you are purchasing teak garden furniture, it cannot be said enough how important it is for you to purchase furniture that is made from ethically harvested woods. There are two reasons for this. The first is that furniture made from illegally harvested wood may also have been manufactured using child labor or other unethical processes. The second is that it may be from trees that are less than fifty years of age. This can mean that your furniture is less durable and weather resistant than furniture made from mature wood.
Teak garden furniture may not be as easy to find as furniture made from other materials. If you take the time to research what you are buying and locate an upscale and ethical source, you can enjoy the beauty of your new furniture and a clear conscience at the same time.

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