Enhance The Appeal Of Your Home With The Right Mailbox

By: John Morris

Today, mailboxes come in all sorts of designs. Anything and almost everything can be an inspiration for a mailbox design. From cars to airplanes, animals to buildings, these mailboxes are a beautiful site when displayed outside your home. They make a great welcoming piece to any home as well as adding a lot of charm and interest to your curbside.

I. Mailbox Selection Tips

1. Decide On Your Budget
Prices vary for different styles and materials used; do expect that the more intricate the workmanship is, the more expensive your mailbox will be.

2. Choose A Style You Like
Carefully examine your home’s appearance and the garden that surrounds it. For example, if you have a country home, a country inspired mailbox is best. Also, if you are a dog lover, a doghouse mailbox can add more interest.

3. Ensure There Are No Sharp Edges
Adults and children could get hurt if they accidentally bump a mailbox with sharp edges.

4. Check All Hinges
Hinges must be secure, nothing is worse than a mailbox with a door that has fallen off. And there's no point in purchasing a mailbox with a flag indicator if it won't stay up or down properly.

5. Ensure Size
Make sure the mailbox will be large enough to handle small packages in addition to regular letter size mail envelopes. Also, be certain that the mail receptacle is sufficient for the mail that you usually receive.

6. Well Crafted
Inspect the workmanship well and make sure that all joints are neatly put together. Make sure too, that it is well painted and sealed. Your mailbox has to be prepared for all weather conditions.

7. Suited For Outdoors
A cast aluminum mail box is very durable and can withstand sun, rain and snow for years; this can be a good choice when picking out a mail box.

II. Enhance Your Mailbox With An Attractive Curbside Garden

- Choose a mailbox that will best suit your home. Find the right finish and the right design.
- Decide on a color scheme for that area of the garden.
- Secure the pole with concrete, so as to avoid wobbling.
- The bottom should be measured; it has to be forty two inches from the ground.
- Paint a design to the mailbox post, such as flowers and butterflies, if you love flowers, or paw prints if you are a dog fan.
- Terracotta pots with flowering plants and can add a little life to your curbside garden, as well as creating a pretty landscape.

III. Installation Instructions:

- Select a spot for your new mailbox and push the stake that comes with the kit for mounting.
- Carefully clip the magnetic torpedo level unto the side of the mailbox post and make sure that it is straight.
- The wooden support post should have a hole in one end that will fit over the metal post and secured to the ground. Tap the wooden posts end with a hammer to push and drive it onto the ground, making sure that it fits tightly.
- Using the screws, fasten the mounting bracket to the tip of the post. Check that all brackets must have pre-drilled holes for attaching the screws.
- Affix the support bracket with screws.
- Attach the wooden mounting plate atop the post with screws. Note that if there are no pre-drilled holes, you must drill some in order to prevent cracks.
- Assemble all the pieces of the mailbox, such as the door and handle and the flag.
- Drill the pilot holes and put the assembled mailbox on the mounting plate and fasten the plate by putting screws through the sides.

IV. Interesting Facts:

- The post office demands your street address number to be properly placed at the side of the mailbox, facing the mailman.
- If your home is situated at a corner and the box location is on another street, it is required that both numbers and street name will be on the box or the post.
- It is not required that you put your name on the mailbox, unless you want to.
- Offensive graphics or drawings intended to make fun of or ridicule an individual is forbidden.
- Advertisements on mailboxes are not allowed.

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