Energy Saving Methods Of Household Heating

By: Samson Rhubarb

One of the first notable figures to appeal for the conservation of energy was former US President Jimmy Carter during the American oil crisis of the late seventies. His advice was for all Americans to turn their thermostats down in order to preserve heating fuel.
Although this was said over thirty years ago, it still applies today, its the very simple concept of, the less energy used, the more will be conserved, and turning down the thermostat is probably the most simple and effective method of using less energy.
The heating of the larger areas in a house usually makes up the most expensive part of the overall energy bills in an average household. A simple step to reduce your overall bill by around 2% is simply to turn down your thermostat by just 1 degree.
Your boiler is in charge of maintaining the difference between the temperature inside, and the temperature outside. Particularly in the winter months, this can be a big difference and if it could be reduced at any time, it should be. Even turning down by one or two degrees can make a big difference because it will mean that your main heating system will be on for a shorter time.
Of course the main thing that will spring to mind when turning a thermostat down is how cold the house will be. Well, President Carter had an answer for this as well, he said put a sweater on!
At first these changes in temperature may be difficult, but after a while, wearing sweaters and thick socks in the house will become what you naturally do when you wake up or come home.
It can be tempting to turn your air conditioning unit up high during the summer months, well, the same principles as apply in winter months work the opposite way around to your air conditioning unit.
To summarise, you should try to have the temperature of your house as close as you can to the temperature outside and adjusting your clothing appropriately so you can achieve this to a greater extent.

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