Emergency Visor Light - Compact But Efficient Equipment for Vehicles

By: Sunil Punjabi

When we think about emergency lighting, we often think about full-length light bars which have several LED segments flashing at great rates with high intensities. However, there is a different brand of emergency lights which are effective, yet compact and efficient. These lights are inexpensive, often costing less than $100, but still do the job when it is time to attract the attention of other motorists on the road or to emit a powerful warning signal. A very good example of such equipment is the emergency visor light, which as the term suggests is small enough to be mounted near the visor. These lights are designed not to block the view of the driver, while still being capable of emitting a powerful warning signal.

Emergency visor light is extremely lightweight and hence can be mounted using simple Velcro straps. There are other mounting options too like suction cups which eliminate the need for drilling holes in the body of the vehicle. This form of emergency lighting is ideal for unmarked vehicles which need a source of warning signal. The source has to be way too small to be detected easily. Moreover, the lights should be concealable with clear lenses that are virtually undetectable when the LEDs are not turned on. Like the dash and deck lights, most visor lighting equipment is designed for internal mounting, with special options for mounting on windows or windshields if required from time to time.

Interestingly, the emergency visor light is so designed that it can easily be interconnected to other dash and deck lights from the same manufacturer. The synchronization wire provided with the kit can prove significantly helpful to make all the lighting equipment flash in sync with each other to create an even more powerful warning signal that can be perceived from a long distance. Emergency lighting in the form of visor, dash, deck and grille lights usually is characterized by couple of LED segments each with 4 to 6 super bright, Generation III LEDs that make use of TIR for maximum effectiveness. In recent times, a combination of blue and red or blue and amber LEDs has been used in split segments to make the visor lights even more effective.

In spite of their small size, emergency visor light comes with built in flash patterns. There are at least a dozen flash patterns in good equipment which can be used based on the criticality of the situation. Compact emergency lighting equipment is characterized by the use of polycarbonate or anodized aluminum to provide vibration resistance. The visor lights with wide angle encapsulation domes can provide beams with greater horizontal coverage. The kit usually includes 4 or 6 conductor wires and cords for completing the installation. Standard slide bolts are also provided for mounting the visor lights if needed. In some cases, special L mounting brackets are used while some compact emergency lights are specially customized to suit the design of specific vehicles used by law enforcement officials.

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