Emergency Siren with Add-on Features and Several Siren Tones

By: Sunil Punjabi

An emergency siren kit usually comprises of a full function siren that includes 2 very powerful, 100 watt speakers along with a plug in microphone and a 12V DC power supply. A variety of features are built into modern emergency sirens to make sure they are well equipped to assist personnel operating emergency vehicles such as fire engines, medical ambulances and law and enforcement patrol cars. These sirens are designed to meet SAE and California Title XIII specifications making them highly reliable and effective at the same time. The sirens come with hands-free features and remote control capability that allows the siren tones and other siren functions to be controlled easily and independently.

A good quality emergency siren comes as a self-contained unit perfect for dash or roof mounting. While some emergency sirens have hard wired microphones, others come with a removable microphone that can be plugged in whenever required. These sirens usually come with 2 year hassle free warranty for heavy duty professional usage. Sirens come with a collage of intuitive features that prove to be of great help in critical emergencies. For example, some sirens have a public address feature along with a PTT or push to talk button. When this button is pressed, it is possible to override the siren tones being played. There is a manual override button as well which can allow you to operate a default tone to override the present selection. Some sirens also have special features such as activation of siren tones through input.

A good quality emergency siren design is such that it is backward compatible. Moreover, emergency sirens can also be designed to complement the dash and deck lighting products from the same manufacturer. In some scenarios, it is possible to integrate the siren tone with the flash lighting of the emergency light bars making the entire warning signal extremely effective and attention grabbing. With an external spade-type fuse, a good siren is usually protected from short circuiting. There is protection from reverse polarity issues as well. Some sirens have effective monitors in place to keep tab on voltage spikes. There are volume control knobs for the microphone as well as the speakers to adjust the decibel levels. You can adjust radio repeat as well as microphone volumes.

The emergency siren tones can be controlled either through a horn ring or with the help of auxiliary control and switches. There are Scan Lock tone selection switches too for those emergency sirens which have more than a dozen different siren tones like air horn, wail, yelp and piercer. Some sirens even come with dip switches that are easily accessible on the remote amplifier and are perfect for instant configuration. The sirens are compact and hence can be easily mounted in a variety of positions. The kit includes connectors and illuminated switch panels for easy installation and operation. The amperage through the sirens is extremely low. They are also quite slim with their thickness usually below 3 inches. They can be mounted in a console as well.

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