Emergency Roof Repairs

By: Scott Rodgers

Roof is the most essential part of the house and it is every homeowners duty to take care of it other wise it can affect you as well as the entire structure of your house can be damaged. Whenever you identify any roof defect, act quickly before it's too late.
Usually a roof is damaged due to the harsh weather conditions like a hail storm etc and calls for an emergency repair. You should decide carefully the when to start the repair task and from where to start it. You should always try to call a professional expert in such cases rather than taking the do-it-yourself route.
It is advisable to wait till the extreme weather conditions have passed and the situation is conducive to initiate the repair rather than starting straight away. You may be doing more damage than repair! The inspection of the roof is another critical activity prior to initiating the repair. It must be done under favorable conditions of weather and light.
Many a times you can yourself handle the emergency situation and can get permanent repairs done later on by an experienced roofer. You should keep in mind certain things before attempting an emergency repair.
Remove puddle of water if any as it can be a major cause of roof damage. Secondly, try stopping the water from seeping inside the home as it will damage your interiors, walls etc.
The very first thing that you should do is, try to control the water flowing inside the house. This can cause serious damage to the inside walls and other materials of your home. Also remove any stagnant water formation from the roof.
Patches, rubber sheets, sealants, tarps and duct tape are some of the materials that you can use for doing emergency roof repairs. They can be used to stop the leak by covering the gap for some time and later on you can get the permanent repairs done over it by a professional roofer.
Make sure that before you apply any of these materials, always clean the roof and specially the area around the leak because dirt, debris etc may not allow these patches to stick perfectly.

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