Emergency Acupuncture, Chicago?

By: David T.

It's not unusual to hear about emergencies on planes, in restaurants or elsewhere where a life is miraculously saved by a doctor who just happened to be present at the time. It isn't always a doctor either, but few people can work medical emergencies with a little bit of training, at least. This past year there was a case where a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner made lives much more livable for a group of students on a flight from Beijing to Heathrow who were suffering from severe food poisoning. Because of flight restrictions, he didn't carry his acupuncture needles with him, but was able to use acupressure (using his fingers) to help relieve the pain and symptoms of food poisoning. This enabled the pilot to complete the flight to London rather than making an emergency stop for his plane full of soon-to-be-hospitalized passengers.

Obviously, this isn't exactly a common occurrence, but there are a number of times when acupuncture, Chicago residents, can be used as an emergency treatment. For example, if you had a migraine headache, acupuncture would be among your emergency treatment options to relieve pain quickly, and without the use of drugs. Another place to turn if you experience an injury is your chiropractor. Chicago has plenty to choose from, and with the growing popularity of chiropractic (Chicago and elsewhere) you shouldn't have trouble finding highly qualified care in your area. If you can, get established with your health care practitioners while you're healthy, so that should you need emergency care, you're already an established patient.

In the case of a personal injury, Chicago residents, there is nowhere better to turn than your holistic health care practitioners. Unless, of course, you need emergency surgery, a retina re-attached or a broken bone set. In those cases, hit the hospital first and give your holistic practitioner a call to let them know what is going on and make an appointment to see them as soon as possible. Obviously, it helps to know who to call for what, so discuss the realms in which each modality is strong with your health care providers. Not only will this give you a broader view of what all that particular modality encompasses, it lets you know where to turn should you ever have one of those issues yourself, or need to make a recommendation for a friend. Remember, in an emergency, turn to the health care providers you trust- if they can't help you with your problem, they can likely tell you who can.

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