Emergence of Private Label Vitamins

By: Jack Frost

In a competitive market of Sports Supplements and weight loss products, wellness is the break out product over the last 20 years. Private Label Vitamins has opened the eyes of consumers everywhere. For many years vitamins were something you got from your food and when you got sick and needed something like Vitamin C you would purchase the local name brand and that was how the market went. Over the last 50 years however nutrients in food have declined so dramatically that people are turning to supplemental vitamins for their health. In today’s food market with depleted soils, issues with GMO’s and less agriculture area it takes 11 cups of spinach to equate to the nutrients in 1 cup from 1960. People feel it as well, sickness is more frequent and people are more health conscious, so people of all ages are turning to supplemental vitamins to help.

Another major factor playing into the trending growth of Private Label Vitamins is a declining economy. The last 4-5 years have been very hard on a lot of people, health insurance are going up at record rates and will continue, incomes are declining, and people need another a less expensive then running to the doctor for just a runny nose. This has caused a large jump in this market.

The last major factor of increase sales of the last 20 years especially has been the expansion of the internet. This would seem like it has nothing to do with the health industry but there are multiple factors it plays. First is education. For the first time without school people have ready information on their own health and alternative options at their fingertips. They no longer need to go to a Dr. who will simply prescribe something they can choose the natural path. The next is e-commerce business. This is what has really moved the private label portion of the market. People who go to the internet for their product are looking for reasonable price and convenience, but since this is available it is essential that companies private label whether they are brick and mortar or online to prevent customers from just going to the next person.

Private Label Supplements- Vox Nutrition is here to help you get your business set up from label and logo design all the way to deliver. We want to help you be successful because when you re successful, we are successful.

Private Label Nutrition:

For anyone wanting to start a new business we here at Private Label Supplements would love to assist you. As top market private label nutrition product manufacturers we can help you set up your own brand, get your business going and get you on the road to helping others have healthier lives. As a sports nutrition private labeler we specialize in creating vitamins, supplements, general health products such as blood support, weight loss and more in large or small stocks for every customer. The key to these products is quality, service and time. Private Label Supplements builds its company as a time specialty company with competitive prices and only the highest quality products. For more info on the process read below.

Whether you are looking to create your own blend or purchase a house blend in stock we have some of the fastest times on the market. Our Specialized experienced formulators can get a specialty order to your within a 3-4 week time frame compared to other labs that average 6-8 weeks total time. If you do not have that kind of time, our turnaround times are the fastest on the market with 72 hours max to ship for up to 3,000 bottles and 5-7 days to ship for 10,000 bottles. We deal with many smaller companies as well and sometimes can get the orders processed and out as quickly as 24 business hours.

Bottle and Packaging:
We do take care of bottling and packaging your vitamins. If you need a certain type of bottle such as color, size, style we can get it. It will delay the house blend times slightly but usually only by a couple days on the first order. The custom formulations do not have a delay.

Private Label Design:
Can be done in house from start to finish if needed, please talk to your account manager about any needed logo or label design. If you do not want that we have premade templates to pick from.

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For more information about private label vitamins please visit www.privatelabelvitamins.us

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