Emerald, the Eye of Venus

By: Bill Robinson

Emerald, the Eye of Venus

Green. The color of spring and the color of new life. Itís the color of healing and, of course, the Emerald. Vivid and alive with color, the Emerald has been a prized treasure since 3,000 BC and has fascinated ancient civilizations from Egypt to South America. Even the Romans were not immune to the allure of this precious stone, which was thought to be a symbol of Venus, the beloved goddess of beauty and love. Even today, it remains an avidly sought after gem and is coveted for much more than its eye catching beauty.

Real Fruits of Mother Nature

Perhaps the most interesting quality of the Emerald is that, like many of us, it has endured a turbulent past and bears the signs of its journey. From the formation of todayís oldest emeralds in Zimbabwe nearly 2,600 years ago, these stones have been pushed and pulled along with the Earthís crust on a perilous voyage. Although its ranking of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness makes it highly resistant to scratching, the emerald is still considered a fragile stone due to the nature of its inclusions. Finding a stone free of imperfections, or inclusions, is extremely rare. Were it not for this journey, however, the Emerald as we know it would simply not exist.
Naturally, the emerald, or beryl, has no color, but during its firsthand experience of plate tectonics, the colorless beryl comes into contact with the elements that are responsible for the dazzling verdant green unique to the emerald. Needless to say, these inclusions, or more appropriately, beauty marks, attest to a long and difficult past and should be regarded in a positive light. Furthermore, gemologist use these marks to separate naturals emeralds from synthetics, which unfortunately is becoming more difficult as the number of synthetic emeralds increases. Therefore, to receive the highest quality and satisfaction, be sure you are dealing with a reputable company and working with a gemologist that is very knowledgeable about this significant stone, ensuring you find exactly what they are looking for.

Beauty isnít Skin Deep

Simply put, these inclusions often make such stones worth more than a perfect one of a lesser color and are even preferred by those in search of a real gemstone. For many prospective buyers, an inclusion is a characteristic trait of the Emerald that ensures makes each stone special. Choosing to buy any gemstone should be a thoughtful process, but in selecting the Emerald you are sure to receive much more than a stunning piece. In representing beauty, it defies the common perception of the word itself. Because of its inclusions, the emerald embodies an often forgotten reality-- it is our imperfections that make us unique, and it is in those that our true beauty lies.

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